Windows Phone 7 cainiao road-getting started

I have been using this platform for some time. Due to the low Foundation, I have taken many detours. Now, I will share my experience on getting started and give my reference to people with lower basic skills like me. 1. Prepare AWindows Phone

Windows Phone 7 framework, controls, and open-source projects Season 2

United Nations News   This application keeps users updated on the latest international community and global events, as well as the latest news from initiatives around the world. Through the United Nations news application, we can view, read, and

Download "Windows Phone 7 Game Development"

on Christmas Eve, overseas apress Publishing House gave us the best gift for WP7 developers who had no learning materials, namely "Windows Phone 7 game development. Windows Phone 7 has become a promising mobile platform. Currently, many game

Audio Playback in Windows Phone 7 Silverlight

When working on a WP7 Silverlight project, you need to implement sound playback. I have referenced many open-source projects and found that they all reference a DLL that belongs to the xNa framework when implementing this function, this was a

Windows Phone 7.8 SDK update

The Windows Phone SDK Update for Windows Phone 7.8 adds two new simulator images to your existing Windows Phone SDK for installation. This update supports both Windows Phone SDK 7.1 and Windows Phone SDK 8.0. With this update, you can enjoy the

My record series: (1.1) Windows Phone 7.1 Development Environment

Installation & Sequence 1. Visual Studio 2010 ultimate English Edtion 2. visutal studio 2010 Service Package 1 full download 3. Expression studio 4.0 dreamspark Edtion 4. Blend Service Package 1 5. Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta

My record series: (1.2) Windows Phone 7 launchers and choosers

Difference: launcher does not return a callProgramAny information, such as sending mail tasks; chooser returns certain information to the calling program, such as album selection. Launchers starters: Emailcomposetask: Start the email sending

My record series: (1.3) Windows Phone 7 Application events

Application_launching Occurrence timeClick and start an application from the list of installed applications. An application instance is created. ActionDo not read configuration information from independent storage, which will reduce the loading

Windows Phone uses beetle to implement TCP communication for object interaction

ArticleDirectory Interface Creation Detailed code implementation Beetle provides the implementation of beetle. SL Based on Silverlight. Because WP7 Development also provides socket support, beetle. SL can be fully used in WP7.

Windows Phone 7.5 OS 7.10.8107.79 official update

[Abstract] This article briefly describes the content and steps of the latest update.The lab machine is Nokia Lumia 800. This update mainly includes: Fixed a problem with the screen keyboard to prevent the keyboard from disappearing when typing.

Introduction to the open-source program of classic Windows Phone 7-positioning-based social networking application Foursquare

Currently, geographic location-based systems are getting increasingly popular in China. For example, even Vanke chengpin has begun to use advertisements on bus stops to sign in. As a pioneer in such applications, Foursquare has to mention it abroad.

Windows Phone 7 Development wizard V2.0 provides download

On the blog of WP7 Niu Ren J. D. Meir abroad, you can see a PDF document on the WP7 development entry navigation page. This document provides various resources for WP7 development andArticleLink to help you. All documents are in English. xuanyuan

Windows Phone 7 example game platformer practice 2-Preliminary Game Design

Platformer and "Mario" are very similar. The gameplay is basically the same, but many functions of the game are not yet implemented. Currently, platformer is mainly used to control heroes from all zombie monsters in the game. We need to collect the

Windows Phone 7 Development books

I also want to share some of my favorite WP7-related books. I hope these books will help you ~ The first book is the masterpiece of Charles Petzold in Programming Windows Phone 7 (full version). Many people in the garden have read books that do not

Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7 updated on November 7, March (multiple images)

Updated on April 9, February (7.0.7008.0) In the morning, I opened the phone and finally saw the long-awaited system update prompt (for example,). The phone model is T-Mobile HTC HD7. You can see the update information in "phone update: Version

Windows Phone Developer Tools for Mango

The new version of Windows Phone Developer Tools has released version 7.1 Beta. According to old Bao, the Mango system has more than 500 new features. However, I cannot make any statistics. I believe that old Bao is not a good player. I will not

Windows Live & Windows Phone 7

As we all know, Windows Phone 7 has a good combination with Windows Live. you can log on to Windows Phone 7 using the Live ID to obtain personal Live information, such as contacts, emails, and Xbox Live. In this article, we will explore what Windows

Windows Phone SDK 7.1 released

After "Mango" is released, the corresponding Windows Phone SDK 7.1 is also officially released. It can be used to develop mobile devices that support Windows Phone 7.0 or Windows Phone 7.5 systems.Development Kit content · Microsoft Visual Studio 201

Free Ebook: Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit in Depth

I just wrote the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit in Depth written by Boryana Miloshevska. I mentioned that Windows Phone Toolkit should be familiar to everyone, including many components required for Windows Phone development. This book

Windows Phone 8 released

System release The new Windows Phone 8 Operating System of the Microsoft Developer Conference was officially met on October 30, June 20, us time. This is another mobile Phone operating system released by Microsoft after Windows Phone 7 and has made

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