Windows Phone 7.1 RC SDK

Today, Microsoft released the latest version of Windows Phone SDK, which corresponds to the system 7720, that is, the latest version of mango. Because this version is release candidate, it also marks that the official version of the SDK is

Learn windows phone7 together (. Windows Phone 7 developer tool RTM released)

After nearly eight months of waiting, the RTM version of the Windows Phone 7 Development Kit has finally come out. This time, there are not only development kits, but also corresponding trainingkit. what's even more exciting is that, silverlight

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (24): Upload logs

In my last post Windows Phone practical development skills (22): Using logs to record current information and exception information, I talked about how to log in our application. here comes the problem: how can we get the log file. if we run

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (22): use logs to record current information and exception information

What is logging? Logging is the felling, skidding, on-site processing, and loading of trees or logs onto trucks. And since windows phone is much more event driven. you can find more information in Event Logging. Why to use logging? Exception is

Windows Phone project practice-account assistant upgrade

In the previous "practical account assistant for Windows Phone projects", we introduced how to create a real Windows Phone application, including initial requirement analysis, outline design, and coding implementation, due to limited space and

Windows Phone 7 isolates the storage space Resource Manager

We know that Windows Phone 7 currently does not support access to external buckets. The data space that our applications can use includes the IsolatedStorage and the cloud. As developers, we can only imagine the storage of independent buckets. Today

Practical development tips for Windows Phone (41): Solve the Problem of black background web page flashing in WebBrowser

In Windows Phone, We need to display HTML content. The preferred solution is WebBrowser. However, there are often various problems in WebBrowser: Garbled code, pop-up screen, and so on.   The Default background color of WebBrowser is white. To

Weibo mini for Windows Phone 8 Development

Reason Why is this software (mini Weibo) required? In fact, I have always had such an idea. Later, when I shared some internal technology, the boss asked everyone if they had any idea during the relatively idle time. Some people mentioned that they

Windows Phone 7 Knowledge Sharing

Preface Microsoft's brand-new mobile Phone operating system Windows Phone 7 has been launched for some time, and there are also many Windows Phone 7 experts in the community, whether foreign or domestic, they all provide a lot of good learning

Account assistant for Windows Phone Project Practice

Preface I always wanted to create a windows phone application and a complete application, including design, coding, and testing. I used some small examples and tips in my previous blog. So I will share my experiences in developing windows phone

Learn Windows Phone 7 development together (12. Push Notification)

I. Introduction Push Notification is one of the unique features of windows phone 7. This feature allows common developers to implement multi-tasking in disguise (although not really multi-tasking ). It establishes a dedicated, persistent, and stable

Learn Windows phone 7 development together (3. Page)

The form of WP7 is no longer the same as that of Mobile. It is a webpage-type window-page generated by silverlight. However, it is not exactly the same as silverlight. silverlight is generated by Frame and Page, while WP7

Learn Windows Phone 7 development together (6. Isolate Storage)

In windows phone 7, no file system (that is, functions such as filestream and OpenFileDialog cannot be used) or database system have been determined in the current version, what should I do if I need to save some user configuration information or

Experience at the beginning of Windows Phone 7 (iv. Platform Architecture Overview)

I. Application Platform Architecture There are two parts: 1. Screen The local part is divided into two parts: A) Tool and Support: tools and Support for application development are provided here. B) Runtimers: the main application types and

Experience in Windows Phone 7 (3. Development Q & ))

Microsoft recently listed some answers to common questions about Windows Phone 7 Series development on the official forum of Windows Phone 7 Series. Some questions we have never been clear about before (such as multitasking, sandbox, network and so

Windows Phone 7 (5. My first application)

The following example shows the first program I wrote. It looks pretty good. Animation effects can be achieved without writing code, which is unimaginable for development on windows mobile.1. Create an application1. Open visual studio 2010 express

Learning Windows Phone 7 development together (8. BingMap Control)

For maps, many people know goolemap. In fact, Microsoft also has its own map api, and it is no worse than google. For Microsoft's BingMap, there are currently multiple versions available (Bing Maps AJAX Control, Bing Maps Silverlight Control, Bing

Experience in Windows Phone 7 (6. Full Version simulator)

The simulator we downloaded from the official website of Microsoft is only Internet Explorer. Is it true? I recently saw a foreign hacker on the Internet and unlocked the simulator, in this way, all functions in the simulator are displayed. I also

Windows Phone 7.1 is released

Microsoft released the Mango System in May 24 and updated the SDK. However, this SDK is only version 7.1, not version 7.5. However, there are still many new features. SDK: FamilyID = 77586864-ab15-

New Task in Windows Phone 7.1

In Wp7.1, multiple tasks are added to implement BingMap and bell sound operations. In addition, some functions of the original Task have been enhanced. 1. BingMapsTask: Used to call Bingmaps, and can mark the center point, search, and set the

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