Windows Phone 8.1 List control (1): basic

When it comes to List controls, the ListView and GridView are recommended on Windows Phone 8.1.And the two controls are so much to talk about that they are divided into three articles:(1) Basic(2) Grouping data(3) Multi-Data renderingThe biggest

Create a Windows Phone 8 game development environment using COCOS2D 3.1.1

Cocos2d-x is currently a popular game development framework, the latest version is 3.1.1, some of the online tutorials are older, this article will explain how to use the latest 3.1.1 to create a Windows Phone 8 development environment.This article

Windows Phone 8.1 Background tasks

Windows Phone 8.1 Apps can add multiple background tasks to help the app complete some tasks.(1) New foreground applicationBackground tasks are based on the foreground application, so you must have a foreground app.The foreground app has a simple

Windows Phone 8.1 contacts vs. calendars

(1) Contact person (Manifest get permission)1) Get ContactsThere are two ways to get a contactA. ContactpickerContactpicker is the direct opening of a system to select the contact interface, let the user choose, you can set a single or multiple

[Wp8.1ui Control Programming] Compilation of Windows Phone XAML pages

1.1.2 Compilation of XAML pagesThe Windows Phone Application project compiles XAML pages through Visual Studio, and when the program is run, it loads and parses the XAML through a direct link operation, connecting XAML and procedural code

Windows Phone 8.1 Tiles, notifications and Action Center

(1) TilesTiles, which is a tile, is a feature of Windows Phone.A Tile can actually be seen as an XML, such as:Tile> Visual> bindingTemplate= "Tilesquareimage"> ImageID= "1"src= "Image1"alt= "alt text"/> binding> Visual>Tile>Tile>

Windows Phone Get network type (gsm/cdma/wifi/ethernet)

First, determine whether there is network data connection:The most basic network state judgment, if there is no network connection, all operations will not go on.Microsoft.Phone.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface.GetIsNetworkAvailable ()Second,

[Wp8.1ui Control Programming] Selection of the Windows phone animation scheme

8.1 Selection of animation schemesThere are linear interpolation animations (3 types), Keyframe animations (4 types) and frame animations, and even timer animations, and the animated UI element properties can be normal UI element properties,

Reprint: Windows Phone 8.1 Projection my screen using tutorial

Original address: Http:// the software.The new feature of Windows phone 8.1 projection my screen (Project my screens) can be real-time projection of mobile phone screen to TV, computer and other devices to

Share my part. Content: source management applications based on the Windows Phone platform

In the original: share my part bi content: Source management application based on Windows Phone platformGraduation six months, and summed up the previous work, found a lot of knowledge not to review all forgotten. Recent news has always reported

Windows Phone uses sharpcompress to decompress compressed files

When doing the mobile side, when we need to obtain multiple files from the server, in order to save traffic, the server will generally return a compressed package, then we are the download completed, in the phone to extract to the specified

New features for Windows Phone 8.1-common launcher

This article introduces you to the implementation of some common initiators in Windows Phone 8.1. Call calls, send text messages, send messages, add appointments to calendars, launch maps, map route displays, map downloads, and map updates,

Windows Phone 8.1 Incomplete Experience report

In build 2014, Microsoft's built-in Windows Phone 8.1 finally came out and the venue was greeted with applause. A week after the conference, after a long wait, finally wait until the developer preview of the push, can't wait to experience this trans-

Windows phone gets all the files in the directory specified in the IsolatedStorage

File operations in the isolated storage space in Windows Phone need to be manipulated through classes under System.Io.IsolatedStorageGet all files under the specified folder:Parameter: is the path to the specified folder with the wildcard character

Unity for windows:iii–publishing Your Unity game to Windows Phone Store

Original address: Http:// part II we covered what can publish your game to the Windows Store, so it runs on Windows 8 driven devices.Today we are going to

Windows Phone 8.1 New Features-Flipview of controls

This article introduces the new FlipView control in Windows Phone 8.1, which is named in the Chinese name: Flip view.Although it sounds a bit awkward, but its use of people will certainly not unfamiliar. In Windows Phone 8, we often add a boot page

Quietly changing IOS Android Windows Phone's domestic landscape-application station www. apphub. fm

Phone is now an arcade in a big city in China. White-collar people living in high-rise buildings seem to be embarrassed to go out without an iPhone. Android has attracted a lot of blue-collar and geek's liking. Xiaomi mobile phones have pushed the

Summary of Windows Phone 7 series applications and game development content

At the first keynote speech of Mix10, Scott Guthrie and Joe Belfiore announced and demonstrated the Windows Phone 7 Series applications and games and development-related content, of course, a development tool for the test version is also

The powerful voice control of Windows Phone makes your Phone show

I have no intention to pay attention to the details of the strong voice control for Windows Phone. I think I should share this with you and not bury some of the powerful features of mango. Microsoft voice control has three KEY speech KEY commands:

Windows Phone 7 browser will be based on IE 7

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft will use the mobile version of Internet Explorer 7 in the Windows Phone 7 operating system software. Devices that configure the software will be available later this year. According to Joe Belfiore,

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