[Wp8.1ui Control Programming] Selection of the Windows phone animation scheme

8.1 Selection of animation schemesThere are linear interpolation animations (3 types), Keyframe animations (4 types) and frame animations, and even timer animations, and the animated UI element properties can be normal UI element properties,

Windows Phone Sliding Effect

  Swiping on the top box would animate as the standard pivot animation.If you don't want the user to being able to flick and rather control the, the states programmatically then you can simply add On the IsHitTestVisible="False" root pivot control

Windows Phone (Idiom Classics game development)

Notes on the use of idiom booksIdiom Classics is an all-Chinese leisure puzzle game, can let you and friends experience the charm of Chinese ancient cultural idiom, idiom is a part of Chinese character language vocabulary stereotypes of phrases or

"16.Windows Phone" 16.1Windows Phone7 Development Foundation

1.Windows Phone Development OverviewWindows phone is a new generation of smartphone operating systems introduced by Microsoft. The first-generation Windows Phone system is codenamed Windows Phone 7, abbreviated WP7.Starting with the

"16.Windows Phone" 16.3 Multi-page program

1. Jump between pages navigateuri (page-directed jump) Hyperlinkbutton controls can easily jump between pages, just specify a URI, You can jump to the appropriate page after clicking on it. Similar to hyperlinks in the web. The written

Windows Phone 7 Uploading pictures

1, mobile phone sideprivate void Btnuploadpic_click (object sender, RoutedEventArgs e){Photochoosertask pct = new Photochoosertask ();pct. Showcamera = true;pct.completed + = new eventhandler (pct_completed);pct. Show ();}void Pct_completed (object

Summary of Windows Phone 7 issues

1, why TextBlock when the data binding, set its allowdrop= "True" property will occur exception?2, the data binding for the ListBox, the mobile phone direction for vertical when the content can be fully displayed, but when the phone landscape

Copy files to isolated storage in Windows Phone 7

private void Copytoisolatedstorage (){using (IsolatedStorageFile storage = isolatedstoragefile.getuserstoreforapplication ()){string[] files = new string[] {"Rainy day. mp3", "Listen attentively. mp3", "Our Song. mp3"};        foreach (var _filename

Common tasks in Windows Phone 7

1,//phonecalltask: Callprivate void Btnphonecall_click (object sender, RoutedEventArgs e){Phonecalltask task = new Phonecalltask ();Task. PhoneNumber = "110";Task. DisplayName = "Autumn Moonlight Xuan";Task. Show ();}2.//smscomposetask: Send

Windows Phone 8.1 development: (Message Popup) powerful Contentdialog

Source: http://www.bcmeng.com/contentdialog/In the application development we are essential to use the MessageBox in Windows Phone8 in a message box in Windows The phone8.1 became messagedialog. The use of the method is largely different. However,

Windows Phone 8.1 Development: Lock Screen Reminders

Source: http://www.bcmeng.com/lockscreen/Before the small dream and everyone to share the toast Notice, magnet update, today small dream and everyone share the Windows Phone 8.1 development in the lock screen reminder. The badge is simple compared

The problems and solutions of COCOS2DX development in WIN8 System (developing Windows Phone games)

Build a bad environment process:1. Installing the Window SDK (version 8.0)2. Installation VS2012 English versionInitially running our company games on Nokia 1320, the game can be installed correctly on the phone to run successfully. However, it is

Windows Phone 8.1 development: File selector Fileopenpicker

Source: http://www.bcmeng.com/fileopenpicker/Today's little dream to share with you the file selector in Windows Phone 8.1, unlike the previous Windows Phone8, in Windows Phone8, if you want to select a photo, you can use the photo selector directly,

Windows Phone 8.1 development: File selector Filesavepicker

Previous article small dream shared the use of file selector Fileopenpicker, this article we continue to share the use of Filesavepicker, The use of Filesavepicker is almost identical to that of Fileopenpicker. The only difference is that in

Windows Phone 8.1 Development: Touch and Pointer Events 2

Source: http://www.bcmeng.com/windows-phone-touch1/Please enter the content here (want to die, wrote for one hours, directly did not save accidentally deleted. Let's just say it. The pointer event has the following events: Pointercanceled

Little Dream Windows Phone 8.1 development: Voice reading

Use the SpeechSynthesizer class to enable text-to-read functionality, located in the Windows.Media.SpeechSynthesis namespace. With it we can achieve the sound of fiction, is not very cool. Here is an example of reading the contents of a text block,

Windows Phone 8.1 Common launcher instances

---restore content starts---Small dream today to share with you the Windows Phone 8.1 common launcher instances, including: Phone launcher SMS Launcher Mail launcher Add Appointment | Memo to Calendar Map Launcher Map

Windows Phone 8.1 FlipView for automatic photo browsing

The FlipView control is also a collection control, but unlike a control such as a ListView, the ListView control displays multiple items at one time, while FlipView displays only one item at a time. Flip through the items on the Windows Phone with

Windows Phone 8.1 Development: Socket Communication Chat

This example uses the WPF program to do the server side, the Windows Phone program does the client. We use a UDP protocol-based socket communication. For more information on sockets see:

Windows Phone 8.1 development: Touch and Pointer events 1

Source: http://www.bcmeng.com/windows-phone-touch/Touch events for the UIElement class:Manipulationstarting: The Manipulationstarting event occurs on an element that has the Ismanipulationenabled property set to True when the user places the finger

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