Windows Phone Four, control templates

the concept of a control templateEach control in the Windows phone has a default template that describes the internal composition and appearance style of the controlCustomizable templates are more customizable relative to the original style

Windows Phone SDK 8/8.1 official download

Windows Phone SDK 8.1 updateEnglish version Http:// Phone SDK 8.0Chinese version Http://

Windows Phone Sets the style for the elements within the specified container

There are several ways to set element styles in Windows PhoneTake TextBlock for a while.1. We can set it directly on the control: TextBlock Text = "own style setting" Width= " FontSize"= " Foreground"= "#FF6B6A6A" />2, you can also do this:

Customizing user controls in Windows Phone 8.1 and how to call user controls

For some OCD I, as a programmer, in my own programming world, everything should be arranged according to their own intention layout or design animation, etc.such as While Microsoft has encapsulated too many controls and templates for us, there are

HttpWebRequest class for network programming of Windows Phone 8.1

There are two classes in Windows phone that can implement network requests for HTTP protocols: HttpWebRequest class HttpClient classThe former is ideal for handling simple network requests, which support the HTTP requests more powerfully and are

The use of button imperceptible in Windows Phone 8.1

button, which is one of the most common, most commonly used controls, handles click events Handy.But some of the button's features are often ignored, and here's where button is easy to ignore:1. Clickmode Property-----Control button in which state

Debuggap 3.0.0 started to support IE under Windows Phone

If you want to use DEBUGGAP to debug IE, you need to do something extra.When the project references debuggap.js, we should increase the remote address of the DEBUGGAP serviceIf your remote address is, the script address should look

One of the data bindings in Windows Phone 8.1

Data binding, as the name implies, two essentials: first, data, but bindingBut again, who binds the data to whose attributes, this sentence dear the four key pairs of data bindings: Binding target object, target genusbinding source, and the value to

Data binding in Windows Phone 8.1 (solution with no change in binding data)

Bindings have three binding patterns, and bindings also divide UI-to-UI bindings and custom data source-to-UI bindings.The binding of the custom data source to the UI is more complex. If we use the data context DataContext to bind the data, when we

COCOS2DX when developing Windows Phone, VS2013 is set to horizontal screen vertical screen problem

1. First open your own Windows Phone project;2, open the project, you can see the following structure:3, then click on the MainPage.xaml file, you can see the following structure:Then the left is the display emulator, the right is the code,

Halo: Spartan attack officially landed on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 platform

Today, Microsoft officially released the "Halo:spartan Strike" (Halo: Spartan attack) for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 platforms, a sci-fi view shooting game that was unveiled in 2013: the continuation of the Spartan raid. The game supports 512M

The MVVM framework in Windows phone

MVVM (Model View ViewModel) is a pattern developed by the MVC and MVP model, which is designed to split the code and interface of the application so that the interface development can focus more on the design interface and makes the UI interface

Windows Phone 8.1 uses Azure mobile services to customize the controller

In the development of Windows Phone 8.1, you want to move your servers and databases to Azure.However, Windows Phone 8.1 cannot directly add WCF service references and needs to rest the WCF rest. I feel a little trouble.1. First go to your Azure

First experience with Windows Phone (WP10) operating system preemptive

The author was nokia1320 large screen, large-capacity batteries and the WP8 system of fresh sense of attraction and started a, but in less than half a year I regretted. Later colleagues asked me whether WP8 cell phone is worth buying, I said never

First Windows Phone program (one)

Before you create a program, talk about environment configuration issues.First, VS2013 needs to be upgraded to Update2 or later (the latest is the UPDATE4 version) because the later version is used for mobileDevice Development SDK and other

Windows phone get WiFi BSSID

BSSID, a special Ad-hoc LAN application, also known as basic Service set (BSS), a group of computers that set the same BSS name can be self-formed. Each BSS is given a bssid, which is a 48-bit binary identifier used to identify different BSS. Its

Windows phone get WiFi BSSID

Original: Windows phone get WiFi BSSID BSSID, a special Ad-hoc LAN application, also known as basic Service set (BSS), a group of computers that set the same BSS name can be self-formed. Each BSS is given a bssid, which is a 48-bit binary

Network picture for Windows Phone 8.0 asynchronous load Scenario

Bought a forestry Administration 8.1UI book, see a weak reference to the image to solve the problem of the picture cache, just self-written application also encountered this problem, so small changed the code, moved to 8.0 version to use, the code

Windows Phone 8.1 Layout controls

Layout Controls (4 first types)Grid: equivalent to the table tag in HTML , but note that table is more important to show the data, and Grids are specifically designed for layoutAttribute Tags:Grid.rowdefinitions: Row definition, Element type

Workaround for Windows Phone 8.1 Update Preview Backup failed

Currently using the developer Preview (8.10.14219.341), has not recently been able to back up text + apps + settings, the progress bar reached 97% or 99% after the prompt:There is a problem backing up your settings. Try again later.MSDN has a number

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