Windows Phone Changes database schema

using(Tododatacontext db =NewTododatacontext (("ISOSTORE:/TODO.SDF"))){ //Create The database schema UpdaterDatabaseschemaupdater dbupdate =db. Createdatabaseschemaupdater (); //Get Database Version intDbversion

Introduction to Windows Phone 8.1 driver Development--SPB

SPB is simple peripheral bus abbreviation, literal translation is simply peripheral buses, which include the I²c bus, SPI Bus. SPB is supported only after Windows 8, and before the system wants to access the I²C peripherals, it can only be accessed

Windows Phone 8.1 Driver Development--Registry Read/write

When you do Windows Phone driver development, you often need to deal with the registry, so as a mobile phone driver developer, it is necessary to understand the registry-related knowledge. I do not know about the registry at present, but also only

Windows Phone 8.1 Data binding

What is the meaning of data binding?The ability to reduce the coupling between background fetch data and XAML presentation page elements.There are several forms of data binding, and the next one by one statements. Demo OneFirst, a single data

Read the application example of the 1.4.3 framework for in-depth understanding of Windows Phone 8.1 UI Control Programming: Customizing Pop-up windows

A few days ago bought two books of WP8.1 of forestry Administration teacher in the garden. After all, if you want to learn in depth, you still have to get a book to follow the predecessors.Read today 1.4. Section 3-application example of a framework:

Windows phone captures the code of the current screen save image

Import namespacesusing System.Windows.Media.Imaging; using System.IO; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media;Code: Public voidCapturescreen (Objectsender, EventArgs e) {WriteableBitmap BMP=NewWriteableBitmap (480, -); Bmp. Render

Data display controls in Windows Phone 8.1 Cornerstone------ItemsControl

In Windows Phone 8.1, the data shows interactive controls that are Flipview,listview,gridview and so on, but we don't always write directly when we use them.,, the like to use it, although this can be, but this shows the picture is very difficult to

Windows Phone SplashScreen Splash Screen Example

protected Override void OnLaunched (Launchactivatedeventargs args) { if (args). Previousexecutionstate! = applicationexecutionstate.running ) {bool loadState = (args. Previousexecutionstate = = applicationexecutionstate.terminated)

Windows Phone lock screen background related code

Lockscreenmanager:Enable the application to see if the application is the current lock screen background provider, and set itself as a provider.Property:isprovidedbycurrentapplicationRead-onlyIndicates whether the application is the current lock

Windows Phone Development Reference

Windows Phone API Reference (v=vs.105). aspxWhat's new in Windows Phone 8.1Http:// Recording a screen with Screencapture

Windows Phone Launcher Class

Starts the default app associated with the specified file or URI. Launch a file contained in the app package Async voidDefaultlaunch () {//Path to the file in the app launch stringImageFile =@"Images\test.png"; varFile

Windows phone development needs to understand the background

Before Windows Phone8.1, the Windows Phone app was Silverlight-based, and the code could not run on Windows, from Windows Phone8.1 start, developers have a choice, is to develop univeral applications, that is, a code, can be run on Windows, but also

Flipview controls in Windows Phone 8.1

Slide View Control Flipview----can be used to start the navigation of the display, but also in the page display, the role of a lotThis method is much more orthodox than the previous blog about the WP8.1 page shift, but this control can be set not

Windows phone captures the code of the current screen save image

Import the following namespaces: using System.Windows.Media.Imaging; using System.IO; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media;The full code is as follows: Public voidCapturescreen (Objectsender, EventArgs e) {WriteableBitmap BMP=NewWriteableBitmap (480,

Windows Phone 8.1 in ScrollViewer (i)

Before opening:Recommended blog for Mr. Wang Lei's Windows 8.1 about ScrollViewerLink: Re-imagine Windows 8 Store Apps (9)-ScrollViewer Basics of controlsThe function of ScrollViewer is that when the content is outside the set range, scroll bars are

Windows Phone 7 90M memory limit issues and design principles

One. in WP7, the program uses no more than 90M of memory, or it exits automatically.Two. If a page is not freed, all of the control resources it contains are not garbage collected.Manipulating an image resource in WP7 is very memory-consuming, and

Windows Phone 8 uses page-passing objects to implement multi-value transfer between pages

When doing Windows Phone development, will often encounter between page jumps and pass data, if the value is not passed, only two or three, we usually use Navigationservice.navigate ("page name?"). Name= "" &id= "", urikind.relative));When it comes

Windows Phone development Notebook-WINRT custom round ItemsControl

Here ItemsControl refers to the collection control in XAML, including Listview,gridview, and so on, this blog mainly refer to an article of MSDN blog, the specific source is:

Developers on Windows Phone 8.1 see

1) SDK selection: If you are making a new app on Windows Phone 8.1, or want to port the 7.x/8.0 app to 8.1, use the WINRT SDK instead of Silverlight. Of course Silverlight will be supported for some time. 2) If you have a blog about WINRT, please

about Windows Phone App development summary

I made two windows Phone apps and summed up the following:1. Important function points are placed in a conspicuous position2, home do not load the display of large amounts of data3, priority to use the application bar of the button, followed by

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