How do I clear the browsing history of IE in Windows Phone?

Since Microsoft launched Windows Phone, there have been some users using Windows Phone. The Windows Phone system's built-in IE browser extends some of the features of IE on the PC side, including the automatic saving of user browsing records, which

Windows Phone 8 FAQ's Music player

Compared to Apple and Android, I prefer Windows Phone (WP) system, because the WP system does not have the apple that is completely closed to feel, and no android that kind of grocery market chaos, after all, the mobile phone system involves user

Windows phone phone forgot the phone screen protection password how to handle?

If you forget your password, you can restart your phone by restoring the factory settings. The specific actions are as follows: 1. In the shutdown state, press the Power key to start the phone. 2. Quickly press and hold down the volume button

How Windows Phone phones restore factory settings

If the phone can boot normally: in the application list, click Settings > About > Reset phone. If the phone does not boot, follow these steps:1. Press the Power key to start the phone. 2. Quickly press the volume down key until the exclamation

How does Windows phone phone set up a single contact ringtone and a custom caller ring?

WindowsPhone support to the computer's audio files, copy to the phone's designated directory, to set the phone ringtones, the specific method is: 1 mobile phone connected to the computer, will need to be set to ringtones audio files copied to the

Windows phone phone does not recognize the SIM/SD card, what to do

SIM card not recognized by mobile phone 1 Please confirm that all SIM cards are not recognized; 2 if not, suggest to the dot to change a sim card try; 3 If all of the SIM card is not recognized, please try to restart or restore the factory

Project my screens ' projection application for Windows Phone 8.1

Shortly after Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers was released, Microsoft today unveiled the project my screen projection application, which can deliver display signals on the phone to PC monitors and projectors, This is especially useful when

How to add design-time binding using D:datacontext in Windows phone

"The question of the proposed" In the development process, we often encounter the effect of the UI students to translate the rendering of the actual page, and in this process, most of the time blend and other design tools by default do not provide

Microsoft launches Mac version of Windows Phone Sync Kit update

Microsoft has launched the latest MAC version of the Sync Tool Suite update, a new version to support Windows Phone 8.1 Preview version of the push update. It is worth noting that Microsoft has already upgraded the tool before Windows Phone 8.1

Kaspersky launches secure browser for Windows Phone platform: safe Browser

Because the market is low, Windows Phone is not the number one target for malware. In a sense, this also gives WP users some "security." Like iOS, Windows phone also restricts user and application permissions to ensure system security--one of the

Working with the Back button (XAML) in a Windows Phone app

Unlike PCs, all Windows Phone devices have a Back button that allows users to navigate backwards between the pages of the app. If the user presses the back button again when they go to the first page of the app, the operating system suspends your

Windows Phone calls the weather forecast program implementation code

Windows Phone's local Database SQL Server CE is a new feature of Mango update in version 7.1. Therefore, you must use Windows Phone 7.1 APIs to use the SQL Server CE database in applications. This database uses Linq to perform query and other

Windows phone hidden elements

We will also use hiding an element in wp to achieve a certain effect. I have just read the article and will share it with you [author: shenzhenlong]VisibilityThis attribute can easily hide an element. However, the visibility attribute is not of the

Windows phone Data Sharing methods

This section describes how to implement data sharing. First, two pages are created. When the MainPage is navigated to the SecondPage through the event, we need to pass some content in the MainPage (such as a string) to the SecondPage, and the

Png method for parsing image size in Windows Phone

We have previously introduced the image parsing format for Windows Phone. By parsing the image format, we can use related controls to display the image format. In Windows Phone development, whether it is the system Image control or the Image control

Dynamic layout of Windows Phone-oriented processing

By default, the Silverlight application runs in portrait mode. When the mobile phone changes direction, if you want our application to automatically respond as the direction changes, you only need to go to MainPage. modify the value of

Save Music as a ringtone in Windows Phone

 1. The file must be in MP3 or WMA format.2. The length of the ringtone file must be less than 40 seconds.3. No copyright restrictions on ringtone files4. The ringtone file size must be smaller than 1 MB.In actual processing, the file we want to

Basic Windows Phone XAML tutorial

As I mentioned in the previous post, XAML is a language based on XML to create and initialize. NET objects. Although XAML can be used in more CLR types, in Silverlight, it describes the UI in a way that humans can create.I. First recognized

Tutorial on using "automatic photo album backup" for Baidu Cloud Windows Phone

We will give you a detailed analysis of Baidu online storage software and share with you the tutorial on using the "automatic photo album backup function" for Baidu Cloud Windows Phone.Tutorial sharing:Baidu Cloud Windows Phone uses the "automatic

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