Windows Phone 7 program development books

Currently, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 SDK only releases beta versions, and there are no official books or development blogs in China. But the great Charles Petzold, a Windows Programming master, and the world's top technical writer. He has started to

Use custom background image for application-use a custom background image for your Windows Phone Program

If you want to use a custom image for your application background, you can set this as follows:   ... ... Some things to note: Make sure the image hasBuild actionSetContent. Make sureImagesFolder is at the application root level.

Incompatible solutions for bootstrap in Windows Phone 8

Bootstrap is a good front-end UI development framework, especially in the development of Adaptive Web applications. We encountered a small problem in the development of our project: Bootstrap became small on the Windows Phone 8 screen. The reason is:

Learning from Windows Phone development-cachemode

Develop Windows Phone 8 applicationsProgramSometimes, the page needs to load a lot of graphs to become very card, the solution is to use GPU for acceleration, but the SDK has provided developers with an interface, you only need to write the image

Windows Phone development and learning-progressoverlay reminder

In Windows Phone development, it is inevitable that you have to interact with the server or perform local data processing. At this time, the system must have a good prompt function to tell the user not to think that the system has crashed, it's like

Windows Phone development and learning-talk about tile [WP8]

As we all know, after Microsoft kidnapped Nokia, it began to build a Windows phone8 operating system. Although the system interface looks similar to Windows phone7, the underlying layer has undergone major changes. For users, the most eye-catching

[Book reviews] windows phone7 entry classic: Using Silverlight and xNa to develop Windows Phone applications

Windows phone7 development practices -- Read windows phone7 entry classic: Using Silverlight and xNa to develop Windows Phone applications The book is like its name. This book gradually guides readers to understand the design intent of the Windows

A good tool for WP7 project development: Windows Phone commands

Today, I will share with you the development auxiliary tool that I accidentally found on codeplex, called Window phone commands.Next we will study this together. What is Windows Phone commands?You must be wondering what Windows Phone commands is.

Concepts related to Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 has been launched for more than a year, and I am optimistic about it. It will be available in China in the first half of next year. City's Lumia 800 Windows Phone. The following describes some common knowledge: 1. What is the

Silverlight/WPF/Windows Phone development-Introduction to mvvm Design Mode

1. Create a New WPF, Silverlight, or Windows Phone project. 2. Create Several folders in the project: models, views, viewmodels, Data, service, and commands. 3. Create a notificationobject in the viewmodels folder. CS class, code: public class

Advertisement platform selection on Windows Phone 7

Selection of advertisement platforms on Windows Phone 7 at Home and Abroad Domestic advertising platforms 1. yidong smart road Smartmad took the lead in releasing the first Windows Phone advertisement SDK in China.   If you

Windows Phone 4-day tutorial

Four-day tutorial on Windows Phone developmentHttp:// Http:// Day 1 (1) series IntroductionHttp://

Windows Phone 7 click the button to exit the current application

The previous method was to force an error to crash the program. The following solution seems better.   Private void phoneapplicationpage_backkeypress (Object sender, system. componentmodel. canceleventargs e) {If (MessageBox. Show ("are you sure you

Implement mobile phone call record interception for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Look at the code. using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Text;using System.Runtime.InteropServices;using Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook;namespace ReturnCall{ class Program {

Windows Phone game roll in the hole remove XBL Service

Windows Phone marketplace link:Http:// Xap package:Http:// Modify rollinthehole. dll as follows: *** Aug 30 16:35:46 2012--- r.ilThu

Windows Phone game Galaga legions DX remove XBL Service

Windows Phone marketplace link:Http:// Xap package:Http:// The modification is simple. initialize the isneedgamerservices variable to false.The

Microsoft is so blind that Windows Phone 7 is not pushed in China.

Without tianchao as one of the first places, it is not allowed for tianchao programmers to register developers. The film will sooner or later regret it. This kind of behavior has already lost its lead. You need to know how many people of tianchao

Windows Phone 7 background history management and start page block management

Navigation history management. The starting navigation history is managed by a navigation stack. Complete the following Navigation:Mainpage->Page1->Page2-> Page 3,In fact, a navigation stack is formed: When you press the "back-to-back key", you

Mobile Devs: Why Windows Phone matters to you

Everyone knows how competitive the mobile space is. there are a wide range of platforms available for you as a developer to adopt and build your mobile app masterpiece, each with their pros and cons. so Microsoft introduces a new mobile platform

Sliverlight for Windows Phone 7 Development Series (2): The first sliverlight Program

This article describes how to create, deploy, debug, and run the Silverlight for Windows Phone application, this article also describes how to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone and Windows Phone emulator (simulator. In this

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