Practical development skills for Windows Phone (10): image processing skills for Windows Phone (WP7)

The previous cached image is only applicable to static But what I need is that I can use it in , and the list will be updated continuously, using the old solution may cause Image Memory leakage, so I searched the internet and found several articles.

Calculate the word width in Windows 8 Metro/Windows Phone

In Windows 8 and Windows Phone, We need to calculate the word width. For example, when displaying, we need to cut unnecessary words ..., this is also essential for data formatting. The pixel width of a character is related to the font and font size.

Collection of Windows Phone 7 outstanding Open Source Projects

Before introducing the subject, I would like to recommend a very good website to you. Its maintainer is the former SilverlightProgramManager. This website provides a large number of development resources for Windows Phone 7, including many

Windows Phone developers must read the required documents

Complete attachment download: Attachment preview: Windows Embedded standard development experience [courseware Summary] Http:// Use Windows Embedded Standard 7 to build an operating system

Windows Phone 7 Resources

This article sorts out common Windows Phone 7 Resources for your convenience. I will update the resources frequently in the future. If you have good resources, please leave a message and I will edit it in this article. 1. Download Tool Online

Windows Phone tombstone (9)

Several terms:   Name Description Launched Start a new program Closed Use the back button to close the program Deactivated A program is running. Press the START key to stop the program. Then, the

Windows Phone (13) style inheritance

In the previous article, we have introduced the ability to define styles in the resources set. We can also reference other styles in one style. This is the concept of inheritance, the reference style is placed in the baseon attribute of the style.

Windows Phone mvvm tombstone processing.

I think it is a very tricky issue to deal with tombstone. once the program returns the current page from the tombstone and all data on the current page is empty, the constructor of the page is called again to create a new page, if the UI created by

Install Windows Phone SDK

Install Windows Phone SDK Windows Phone51 (53 in total) is helpful to evaluate this article-evaluate this topic The Windows Phone SDK includes Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone, Windows Phone simulator, xNa game studio, expression

Teach you to advertise on WP7: Windows Phone 7 Advertising Service Application

Document directory [Download Sample files] On our website (or blog), we usually add ad sources provided by advertising service providers to increase the revenue of some websites. On Windows Phone 7, can we also use a similar method to increase

Windows Phone 8 will support full search

Recently, the Windows Phone development blog said that WP8 may bring new features. According to internal staff, this new feature may be "Full Search, this means that you can search for all the mobile phones on the start page. According to their

Download the Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8 SDK developer Kit

As Windows Phone 7.8 is coming soon, Microsoft is the first to provide developers with the download of the Windows Phone 7.8 SDK, so that developers can update their applications to be compatible with Microsoft's wp7.8 system, for example, add three

Windows Phone 7 for vertical and horizontal display of the screen

In Windows Phone 7, there are two screen directions: Portrait and landscape. in XAML, there are two attributes to set the display direction of the screen, and the screen display direction at startup: The supportedorientations attribute sets the

Use of ListBox in Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7LowerListBoxUse  Learn how to use ListBox in Windows Phone 7 to create a book list. Start Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone and create a new silverlightfor phone project named Booklist. Right-click the solution'

Embedded button in ListBox in Windows Phone 7

In the previous article "use ListBox in Windows Phone 7", I mentioned how to use The ListBox control in Windows Phone 7 and bind data to the control, take a book sales list as an example. Next we will try to update the UI of this example to make the

Windows Phone development (10): commonly used controls (on) to:

Windows Phone controls come from several sources. Like traditional desktop application development or web development, controls are provided by default and those released by third-party openers. Generally, it is sufficient to use the default control

Windows Phone: the alliance between Nokia and Microsoft

Http:// The following is a Chinese report from Sina Technology: Nokia just announced a broad strategic partnership with

Make a simple windows phone 7 game with cocos2d-x: Rotate turret (2) make a simple windows phone 7 game with cocos2d-x: more monsters and more levels (3)

This tutorial is based on the Child Dragon Mountain Man translation cocos2d IPHONE tutorial, rewrite with cocos2d-x for XNA engine, plus some of my processing and production. In the tutorial, most of the text images are from the original author and

Windows Phone-use the sterling database to achieve tombstone (tombstone) [Zhuan]

If your WP application already uses the Sterling database, use Sterling to generate a tombstone (Tombtsone. Jeremy Likness's blog details how to use Sterling to implement Tombstone in the MVVM architecture. There are several main points:   1. Define

Windows Phone 7 Study Notes 1: Hello, Windows Phone 7

Install Windows Phone 7 in the development environment. You only need to download the SDK from Microsoft (the latest version is 7.1, applicable to devices of Mango 7.5). After installation, you can install the SDK. If vs2010 is not installed on your

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