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1. The standard gestures in Windows Phone 7 are as follows:


There are also multiple touch as follows


2. the acceleration sensor. When we place the mobile phone on the desk (screen down), the built-in accelerometer on the Windows Phone device will sense a downward acceleration, that is, the gravity acceleration we learned in the physics textbook is expressed as (0, 0, 1) with a vector). The vectors generated when the screen is placed differently, such:


3. We are applyingProgramThe gravity acceleration sensor is often used to adjust the page layout. When we switch the screen direction of our mobile phone device, it not only changes the page's orientation, but also changes the vector in accelerometer. In order not to disturb users, the orientation (supportedorientation) supported by the page cannot be set to portraitorlandscape when the gravity acceleration sensor is used to adjust the page layout.

4. accelerometerstartfailedexception may be thrown when gravity acceleration sensing is enabled. Therefore, try .. catch is required when enabling acceleration.

5. Call the API in Windows Phone to play the FM radioCodeAs follows:


Note that currently only the United States, Japan, and Europe are supported.

6. For locations of interest on Bing map, we can use pushpin to mark them, and then use the popup control to display the information popped up when pushpin is clicked. When the popup control is popped up, we need to override the onbackkeypress event, because we want to turn off the popup control rather than return it to the previous page. 

7. In Bing map, we can set zoombarvisibility to display or hide zoombarvisibility. 

8. Three elements of the geographical location: latitude, longtitude, and altitude ). 

9. When using WebClient to download network resources,Openreadasync is suitable for downloading images and other resources,Downloadstringasync is suitable for downloading text class information, such as XML and text.

client. openreadasync ( New URI ( " " );

10. when using WebClient to download resources, we can use downloadprogresschanged event monitoring download progress

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