Windows phone Local Database (SQLCE): 10, creating a database (translation)

This is the tenth article in the "Windows Phone Mango Local Database (SQLCE)" series. To get you started using the database in Windows Phone Mango, this series of short film articles will cover all the knowledge you need to know. I'll talk about

How to reload system default resources in Windows Phone 8.1

In the application design process, we always design the layout and color allocation of the application blocks. Of course it's just our wishful thinking, when we really startCD, this only to find that the expectations are always very good, practical

installation package files in Windows Phone 8.1 and two ways to get them

Windows Phone has three file types in addition to app file storage: Local files, roaming files, temporary files. There is also a file called an installation packagefile, which refers to the internal data of the deployment file that is generated

Solutions for elements in Windows Phone 8.1 to accommodate screen widths or child elements that inherit the width of a parent element

In the Windows Phone development process, the different size of the mobile phone screen adaptation is a major programming requirements and challenges, of course, it is like doing a website to adapt to theAll kinds of computer screens are the same

How Windows Phone 10 borrows the Windows 10 East Wind

It has been more than four years since Microsoft released Windows Phone 7, and Winphone's market share has been withering away. Last year, Microsoft bought Nokia, such as a Trojan horse-like drama, but did not save winphone, or even slipped, already

Popup in Windows Phone 8.1

Before opening, it is customary to recommend the popup control usage in Windows 8.1 for Mr. Wang LeiLink: Popup in Windows 8.1Also recommend the old week-easy way of an article on the custom PopupLink: New fashion Windows8 Development (17): Do it

Windows Phone 8.1 Map App Development

Work is to take the bus, a lot of TX certainly to rent a house and buy a house away from the bus station near very much. Who do not want to find a cheap and can have a shuttle to live AH (not the money can directly ignore my dick silk behavior), so

[Wp8.1ui Control Programming] Windows phone understands and applies itemtemplate, ContentTemplate, and DataTemplate

2.2.5 ItemTemplate, ContentTemplate and DataTemplateBefore we understand the relationship between ItemTemplate, ContentTemplate and DataTemplate, let's take a look at the ContentControl class and the ItemsControl class. The ContentControl class is

Windows Phone App development attempt (2)

Today, I wrote a small application, like the previous one, the application itself has no practical value, the only use is to practice practiced hand. Bo is a small white, written on the blog is hoping to communicate with you to share, learn from

Nokia Lumia upgrades Windows Phone 8.1 via PC

Now basically all Lumia has pushed WP 8.1, however, some friends said that during the update process is often disconnected, resulting in the re-download. Do not know is not my character compared positive energy, I upgrade from the preview version,

Windows Phone 8.1 Development: Magnets | Tile update

Source: article to share the toast notification operation method, this article we will look at the Windows Phone 8.1 development of the magnet update. Magnets are a great highlight of Windows Phone Small dreams I

How to implement Windows Phone code to communicate with unity (plug-in mode)

Original address: crapOriginal address:

How to implement Windows Phone code to communicate with Unity (event mode)

Source Address: crapWrite an article yesterday to write an article today. Not my idle egg pain, is today a day met several annoying problems, wasted a day to fix. This article will be a useful article,

[Windows Phone 8 development] uses HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse to send JSON data to the server (POST method)

Public stringSzjson =""; byte[] JSON; Uploadclass up=NewUploadclass (); PublicValidatepage () {InitializeComponent (); } Private voidPhoneapplicationpage_loaded (Objectsender, RoutedEventArgs e) { //I made an implementation to

Windows Phone Authoring Guide page

Suitable for WP7 wp8+SOURCE Download hereMake animated GIF small software downloadLittle Tricks① picture is a solid color background: Sets the page to be the same color as the picture background② picture is a gradient or other, cut when: cut the

[Wp8.1ui Control Programming] Windows Phone Custom layout rules

3.2 Custom Layout rulesThe previous section describes the Windows Phone System layout Panel and layout system related principles, then the system layout Panel does not necessarily meet all the layout rules you want to implement, if there are some

Download the official version of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 toolkit Silverlight SDK xNa game studio 4.0 development tool suite

Windows Phone 7 Development Kit includes Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone, Windows Phone simulator, expression blend 4 for Windows Phone, xNa game studio 4.0 and the newly added Bing map SDK.   English version of the CD image: Click to

Download ebook: Windows Phone 7 developer guide: building connected mobile applications with Microsoft silverl

  Book DescriptionWindows Phone 7 provides an exciting new opportunity for companies and developers to build applications that travel with users, are interactive and attractive, and are available whenever and wherever users want to work with them.

Distinctive windows phone series Article Index

[Download source code]Distinctive windows phone series Article Index Author: webabcd 1. windows phone (1)-Hello Windows PhoneIntroductionWindows phone 7.5 (sdk 7.1) Use Silverlight to develop Windows Phone applications Use XNA to develop Windows

Xiami music for Windows Phone apps

Windows Phone Xiami Client Update:   I prefer Xiami music, so I used my spare time to DIY a Windows Phone client. (Due to limited time and energy, various bugs are inevitable. Please forgive

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