Windows Phone 8.1 Blue Concept

The next version of Windows is already on the road, and a number of early versions of Windows 8.1 have recently been developed, adding a lot of new stuff. This shows that the boundaries between desktops, tablets and mobile phones are increasingly

Compare iphone and Windows Phone 7 design interface

IPhone, Windows Phone 7 interface Design Game The first is the lock screen, which is the first example of eliminating Tufte's interface residue (interface debris, such as scroll bars, which are not helpful for information display). The entire

Windows Phone 8 Memory Control Research: longlistselector Use traps

Recent work has often been asked how to reduce the use of WP memory, and then again began to study the memory problem, first found longlistselector use a common problem: Overview If you set the ItemsSource of the Longlistselector control to a

Windows Phone 8.1 New features: the Application bar for controls

Windows Phone 8.1 is officially released at Microsoft's Build 2014 conference on April 3, 2014. Compared to Windows Phone 8, there have been significant changes in both the user and developer perspectives. Next we will use a few articles to

Windows Phone 8.1 New Features: Control List selection control

In this article we introduce the list selection control in the new Windows Phone 8.1 features. In the Windows Phone 8 era, everyone uses Longlistselector to implement the list selection control, which groups the data to display. For example, in the

Windows Phone Unit Test Environment Setup

The effect of unit test on engineering quality is not explained in detail, this article only discusses how to build test project under WP development environment. History From the WP7 era, the official did not support the UnitTest project, so the

How to make the most of Windows Phone's HD screen

Nokia recently released two models of 6-inch large-screen handsets: Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320. In order to support this device WP upgraded the OS GDR3 supports 1080P HD resolution (1520), although GER3 is provided backwards compatible, of course GDR3

How to plug a custom font into your application in Windows Phone 8.1 development

Perhaps, the system comes with the font is not enough to reflect the charm of the application, for the performance of extremely strong Chinese characters, especially. At this time, we will think, if you can download the art of the Internet into the

How to display a GIF picture in Windows Phone

Say a few days ago a friend of mine talked to me about a particular need to download a GIF picture from the Web and then display it on Windows Phone. We all know that both Silverlight and Windows Phone do not support GIF image format. If you try to

0 code generation Windows Phone 7 application

The two days of illness rest at home. By the way, I saw Uncle Roberfc.marlin's > distance for the first time see Uncle Roberfc > It's been a couple of years. The morning before was a sudden burst of abdominal pain. Immediately stop the work at hand.

Starting from 0 doing Windows Phone 7 development

Brief introduction This article describes how to build the window phone 7 development environment from 0 to start with the step through step model, if you are developing a simple Windows Phone 7 program. It's just an introductory article, but the

Caliburn Micro Framework Windows Phone 8 use Research (iii) magical tombstone treatment

Background Tombstone in the development process of Windows Phone 8 really makes us love and hate, it can make the program seems to be running. But dealing with tombstones is a very troublesome thing, the traditional way we need to be in the program

Different Windows Phone (8) Tile (magnetic paste)

Introduced Unusual Windows Phone 7.5 (SDK 7.1) Magnetic stickers Overview Demonstrates how to create, update, and delete tiles Demonstrates how to update the positive background of a tile as planned Example 1, create, update, delete the

Build applications for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 tend to merge. At the same time, developers who are interested in building applications for these two platforms must understand the important similarities and differences between the two. Understanding the current

Windows Phone Development (10): Common Controls (top)

Windows phone controls have several sources, like traditional desktop application development or Web development, with controls that are provided by default and those published by third-party developers. In general, if the interface layout is not

Windows Phone Development (8): Tips on navigating

The previous article with a few examples of navigation to do a brief introduction, in general applications, using the method mentioned in the previous articles, in fact, enough, but, in order to be able to deal with some special situations, there

Windows Phone camera gets picture is rotated 90°

As I said in my last essay, the photo taken by Windows Phone is reversed by 90° if used directly.Studied for a long time. Finally found the problem. In fact.. This is the use of habit problems ...The photo obtained by Cameracaptureui is actually

WP8.1 Learning Series (17th)--windows Phone important graphics, visual indicators and notifications

Aesthetics is essential in mobile applications and is synonymous with intuitive operation. In Windows Phone, the visual elements of your tiles, splash screens, icons, controls, and navigation cause users to be aware of the tasks, priorities, or

Page navigation for "Windows Phone Development Learning notes"

Recently spent one months to finally see the C # read (in fact, have seen Zeng Ying Teacher's video tutorial, but after reading the basic forgotten almost, when trying to develop WP very laborious, had to drop WP re-learning C #). After reading C #

Windows Phone 8 Development environment Setup

Original address: Phone 8 will have the same NT kernel as Windows 8, which means that WP8 will likely be compatible with WIN8 apps, and developers will have to make apps run on two platforms

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