Windows Phone 8 development environment build

Windows Phone 8 will use the same NT kernel as Windows 8, which means that WP8 will probably be compatible with WIN8 applications, and developers can make apps run on two platforms with little change. Windows Phone 7.x will not be able to upgrade to

Windows Phone 8 Bluetooth application Development Tutorials and examples

Developers can use Bluetooth-related APIs to create applications that use the Bluetooth technology of mobile phones to make close file transfers and send incoming messages, creating more interesting and convenient applications.In Windows Phone 8,

A circular Design view around icon on Windows Phone app Bar

Article Description: a circle around the icon in Windows phone. In the Q&a link during Stockholm's Windows Phone Design Day, Stockholm, a local interactive designer Petter Sifver, raised a question about Windows The icon on Phone app Bar

Use Silverlight to build a Twitter app for Windows Phone 7

Build a "Hello World" Windows Phone 7 app First, verify that you have installed the Windows Phone Developer tool CTP, which contains the Visual Studio Express Edition tool for Windows Phone development (which will be permanently free of charge for

Introduction to the usage of Windows phone network HttpWebRequest

In Windows Phone system, the HttpWebRequest class makes it easy to send network requests and get network data. HttpWebRequest is an asynchronous operation and does not block the main thread. 1. The Httpwebrequest.createhttp () method allows you to

Localized multilingual support for Windows Phone 8

It is easy to handle localized multi-language support on the WP8 platform, and most of the work has the VS IDE process, and developers need simple operations and translate local resources to achieve them. Whether your current application needs to

How to solve the camera flip problem in Windows phone 8.1 development (Runtimeapp article)

Yesterday, I gave you a very sloppy talk about dealing with the flip of a physical camera, today, still this topic, and the content is not bad, just for completeness, incidentally also provides the runtime API version, in fact, the implementation of

Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Development Series (1): Environment build

Objective As the Windows Phone device launch date approaches, the new Smart device platform for Microsoft is getting more attention. I have also shifted the focus from Windows Mobile with Windows Embedded CE slowly to the development of Windows

Windows Phone 7 Tips (1)

Learning about Windows Phone 7 has also been a while, and some good points of knowledge have been sorted out, and the following series will share 10 windows Phone 7 tips per blog and provide offline documentation downloads. 1. Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone Update Nodo Update the easiest way


Download Update Tool Download the Update tool from different versions x86 operating System (bit) Windows Phone Support Tools:

Windows Phone 8 Beginner's Tutorial (iii) Writing the first Windows Phone 8 application

Original address: Part-3-writing-your-first-windows-phone-8-app Series Address: Http://

Windows Phone 7 FAQ

I believe you learn Windows Phone 7 also have some time, want to know how much knowledge they have mastered, just have a test! 1. What is the maximum number of XAP packages for Windows Phone 7 applications? 2. How do I set the ICO icon for the

Share code between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 applications

Visual Studio 2012 provides an excellent set of tools for building Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 applications. Therefore, it is appropriate to explore how much code can be shared between the version of the application's Windows store and the version

Windows Phone Development (5): Interior decoration

Why is it called interior decoration? Oh, actually said is the layout, specifically, is in a page, you how to put your control, how to manage them, you say, like we just moved into a new home, to "decorate" some? Buy a set of what kind of coffee

The date and time picker in Windows Phone 8.1 datepicker,timepicker

Before opening, recommend Mr. Wang Lei's explanation of DatePicker and Timepicker in Windows 8.1Link: Re-imagine Windows 8.1 Store Apps (73)-New controls: DatePicker, TimepickerFirst, the use of these two selectors for Windows Phone 8.1 is similar

Windows phone addresses GB2312 encoding issues

Environment Win8+vse for Windows phoneClick Download on the website there are three files big5.bin,DBCSEncoding.cs,gb2312.binCopy them to the project folder, right-click in the project, select Add---New

-WINRT launcher alternatives for Windows phone development

In the WP7/8 era, the Silverlight framework provides a number of launcher APIs that we can easily use to accomplish some system-level operations. However, with the advent of the WP8.1 (except SL 8.1) of the win RT architecture, the starter API under

"Notes" API for Windows Phone 8 development Notes

Windows Phone 8 API ListThe Windows Phone 7 platform does not support the development of native languages, which has plagued many developers of games and underlying applications. The launch of the Windows Phone 8 SDK has improved the situation. is

"Advanced windows Phone Programming" decodes MP3 and encoded PCM in Windows Phone 8

Blink of an eye do not do WP development, devote to PHP career has been a year, Turned to see 8.1 release, like a thriving scene, but the development of the community is no more than a year ago there is too much improvement, this is not a good

Unity Game Starter Kit for Windows Store and Windows Phone store games

Tag: des class Code tar ext widthOriginal address: onSeptember,by digitalerr0r I had created a simple game so can download,

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