Comparison Between APPLE (IOS), Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows Phone)

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Comparison Between APPLE (IOS), Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows Phone)

Apple (IOS)

Apple is undoubtedly the leader and overlord of smartphones and tablets. Its unique advantages include:
1. Highly artistic UI design
2. What's more rare is that it also has excellent UI performance.
It is easy to be copied at, but it is hard to be copied.
We know that Apple uses a large number of UI elements such as rounded corners, translucent, gradient, blur, especially animation, which have very high requirements on the rendering performance of software.
A lot of stockade machines are able to copy the shape and interface of the iPhone, but they cannot copy the smooth feeling. (Microsoft XP cannot reach it, And win7 is close to it .)
This is not accidental. You must know that Apple has spent more than 20 years on the UI.


1. Expensive
About 5000 of the domestic prices are a little expensive, and-Android phones have obvious advantages in this regard.

2. Technical closures
Although it is well integrated with its own I series, it is not very good to interact with the PC with the largest market share.
If a technology can be used, the Apple family has the final say.

Google (Android)

1. Variety and price
The biggest advantage is undoubtedly the diversity of varieties and the low price.
Mobile phones of different manufacturers have a variety of appearances and sizes, and different people can have different choices.
Low prices will also attract many common consumers.

2. open technology.
Android development compared with IOSProgramThere are few restrictions.


1. Insufficient UI Performance
Software UI smoothness is not as good as IOS, even if the hardware configuration is very high, this is the biggest disadvantage. Compared with iOS, Android animation card is obvious.

Microsoft (Windows Phone)

1. Good integration with PC
After all, many things are convenient on PCs. If mobile phones, tablets, and PCs can share and interact well, this is a great advantage.

2. Strong technical strength
The UI performance is very similar to that of IOS. Microsoft's DirectX technology should not be bad.
Development tools (Visual Studio) and support (msdn) are the best.


1. Uncertainty of Metro
The Metro style is unique and it is difficult to determine whether it can be accepted by the market.

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