Analysis on ComboBox display of ASP. NET control development skills

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How does ComboBox display show ASP. NET control development skills? First, let's take a look:

First look at the effect


ASP. NET control development skills-ComboBox display Figure 1

ComboBox features:

Compared with DropDownList, You can input text by yourself, but HTML does not provide such a tag, so you can only simulate it using existing tags.

As shown in the preceding figure, let's take a look at the generated HTML code. This part is divided into local code and contains two sets.

  1. ﹤table id="ComboBox2" class="comboBox" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" 
  3.  onmouseout="ComboBox2.HandleInputMouseOut()"   
  5. onmouseover="ComboBox2.HandleInputMouseOver()" style="display:inline-block;width:200px;"﹥  
  6. ﹤tr﹥  
  7. ﹤td width="100%" id="ComboBox2_TextBox"﹥  
  9. ﹤input id="ComboBox2_Input" name="ComboBox2_Input" autocomplete="off"   
  11. onsubmit="return false;" type="text"   
  13. class="comboTextBox" onfocus="ComboBox2.HandleFocus()"   
  15. onblur="ComboBox2.HandleBlur(event)"   
  17. onkeydown="ComboBox2.HandleKeyPress(event,this)" style="display:none;" /﹥﹤/td﹥  
  19. ﹤td﹥  
  21. ﹤img onmouseup="ComboBox2.HandleDropMouseUp(event,this)"   
  23. onmousedown="ComboBox2.HandleDropClick(event,this)" src="images/drop.gif"   
  25. id="ComboBox2_DropImage" style="display:block;" /﹥﹤/td﹥  
  26. ﹤/tr﹥  
  27. ﹤/table﹥  
  28. ﹤div class="comboDropDown" id="ComboBox2_DropDown" style="display:none;"﹥  
  29. ﹤table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%"﹥  
  30. ﹤tr﹥  
  31. ﹤td﹥﹤div id="ComboBox2_DropDownContent" onscroll="ComboBox2.HandleScroll(event,this)"   
  33.         onmousedown="ComponentArt_CancelEvent(event)"   
  35. onmouseup="ComboBox2.HandleMouseUp(event,this)"﹥  
  37. ﹤/div﹥﹤/td﹥  
  38. ﹤/tr﹥  
  39. ﹤/table﹥  
  40. ﹤/div﹥ 

(1) A table contains a text box and an image.


ASP. NET control development skills-ComboBox display Figure 2

(2) When you select an image on the right, a drop-down box is displayed, indicating that the hidden div is displayed. You can see that it is initialized to hidden, style = "display: none ;".


ASP. NET control development skills-ComboBox display Figure 3

The combination of the two forms a ComboBox control.

The ComboBox display of ASP. NET control development skills will be introduced here, and relevant content about ComboBox display will be mentioned in future articles.

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