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The Linux operating system can shake it. Some people say that the Linux operating system is not as good as the Windows operating system. This is because you do not understand the Linux operating system, this article shows you the differences between Linux and Windows.

1. Free and charged
In China, Windows and Linux operating systems are free of charge, at least for individual users. If Windows in the heavenly kingdom is really pirated, then the Linux operating system will arrive in the spring! But now the Linux operating system is still a long way to go.

2. software and support
In Windows, it can run a vast majority of software, play 99.999% of games, and support almost 100% of hardware vendors. In Linux, the number of software that can run directly is different from that in Windows: 1 and 99, at present, users who choose the Linux operating system will not consider playing games. Although there are games that can run in the Linux operating system, there are too few games .), At the same time, the Linux operating system is looking forward to support from more hardware vendors.

3. Security
Many people say that the Linux operating system is highly secure. In fact, I don't think it is necessary to discuss this. When the popularity of Linux operating systems reaches the level of Windows, in this case, Linux operating system vulnerabilities, viruses, Trojans, and backdoors will spring up. Although we do not dare to say it is worse than Windows, it will never be less than Windows, to put it bluntly, because the number of users in the Linux operating system is too small and there is too little attention, the virus makers certainly hope that their work will spread more widely, the better the current virus will be more inclined to obtain illegal benefits, for example, the account and password), so the virus does not currently consider a minority Linux OS er.
There is no invincible system in the world and no firewall that can't be worn out. One thing you can't do is show that your level is not enough. Here is a sentence: a high level, a high level of magic.
However, for the moment, if you are absolutely disgusted with endless viruses, Trojans, and spam in Windows, you can try the Linux operating system.

4. Open Source
Open source refers to open source code for external software.
If a small programmer writes a piece of software with his own new technology, he wants to make money on it, and even applies for a patent for it. At this time, some groups seek security reasons, ask him to publish the source code so that he can copy it .), And it is best to use it for free. People with a group of red-eyed programmers are also starting to make money. The legitimate intellectual property rights and assets of an independent business group have been publicly encroached and persecuted by political power. This is the open-source problem that Microsoft faces in Europe. It is another thing to tell whether Microsoft is a profiteer, it cannot be a reason to fight and eat large commodities)
Open source or not, software vendors have the right to choose; whether to purchase and use this product is the user's right.
In fact, if the Linux operating system is not open-source, can it still have the current market? Because many people use the Linux operating system only for open source.

5. graphical interface and Character Mode
Is there a difference between desktop, icon, and mouse clicks? The difference is that Windows gives up the dos character mode and focuses on the graphic interface, making the desktop system easier to use. The character mode of the Linux operating system runs better. The graphic interface is only a companion product, but it is dispensable. According to their time to market, we can only say that the Linux operating system has picked up and carried forward the items that Windows threw away.

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