and "C + + programming principles and Practice," the first paragraph of section 6.2 coincide

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Seibel: You're going to spend a lot more time thinking before coding, so what do you do in the thinking phase?

Armstrong: Oh, I'll take notes, I'm not just thinking. Write whatever you want on the paper. I may not write a lot of code. If you pay close attention to my activity, you will find that I spend most of my time thinking about it and writing something occasionally. Another important thing to solve the problem is to ask my colleague: "How will You solve the problem?" "You find them," said I don't know whether it should be that way or that way. You must make a choice between A and B. "Then you describe them a and B, and when you're halfway through, you say," Ah, it's B. Thank you. Thank you so much. "Such a thing happened many times.

You need such a smart whiteboard, and if you're just writing on a whiteboard on your own, there's no feedback. But if you're dealing with people, you'll explain the alternatives to them on the whiteboard, and they'll join the discussion and make a little suggestion. And then all of a sudden you know what the answer is. For me, it doesn't involve coding. But talking to colleagues who are dealing with the same problem is very valuable.


When I first went to work as a programmer, I was amazed at how much time my colleagues spent on their computers. Of course, a computer programmer would have to spend quite a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, but why use almost 100% of the time? I don't understand, I've never done this before. I used to do things other than computer and sit in front of the computer alternately.

I think one thing is right: programmers need to stand up and think more. But often, people are aware of the problem in the end.


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