Android----Build Class

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First, class structure:


Second, class overview: Extract device Hardware and version information from System Properties.

Third, the internal class:

1. Build.version various version strings

2. Enumeration class for build.version_codes currently known version code

Iv. constants: UNKNOWN The value that is set when a version property is not known. Its string value is "Unknown".

Five, construction method: Build ()

Vi. Static Properties

1. BOARD Motherboard: The name of the underlying BOARD, like "goldfish".

2. BOOTLOADER System Boot Program version number: the BOOTLOADER.

3. Brand System Customizer: The Consumer-visible brand with which the product/hardware would be is associated if any.

4. Cpu_abi CPU Instruction set: The name of the instruction set (CPU type + ABI convention) of native code.

5. CPU_ABI2 CPU Instruction Set 2:the name of the second instruction set (CPU type + ABI convention) of native code.

6. Device parameters: The name of the industrial design.

7. Display screen parameters: A build ID string meant for displaying to the user

8. Fingerprint Unique ID: A String that uniquely identifies the this build. Do not attempt to parse this value.

9. HARDWARE Hardware Name: The name of the HARDWARE (from the kernel command line or/proc).

10. HOST

11. ID Revision list: Either a changelist number, or a label like "M4-rc20".

12, Manufacturer hardware manufacturer: The manufacturer of the Product/hardware.

13. The MODEL version is the visible name of the end user: the end-user-visible name for the end product.

14. The name of the product as a whole: the overall product of the name.

15. RADIO Radio Firmware version: The RADIO firmware version number. Obsolete after API14. UsegetRadioVersion()代替。

16. SERIAL Hardware serial numbers: A hardware SERIAL number, if available. Alphanumeric only, case-insensitive.

17, tags Description of the build tag, such as unsigned, Debug and so on. : comma-separated tags describing the build, like "Unsigned,debug".

18. Time

19. Type build types: The type of build, like "user" or "eng".

20. USER

Vii. Public methods:

public static String getradioversion () gets the radio firmware version

Eight, test example:;;ImportAndroid.os.Build;ImportAndroid.os.Bundle;ImportAndroid.widget.TextView; Public  class mainactivity extends Activity {  PrivateTextView Showtext;  @Override  protected voidOnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {    Super. OnCreate (Savedinstancestate);    Setcontentview (R.layout.main);    Showtext = (TextView) Findviewbyid (R.ID.MAIN_TV);    Showtext.settext (Getdeviceinfo ());  }  /**    * Get device information    *    * @return      * *  PrivateString Getdeviceinfo () {    StringBuffer SB =NewStringBuffer ();    Sb.append ("Motherboard:"+ Build.board);    Sb.append ("\ nthe system Boot program version number:"+ Build.bootloader);    Sb.append ("\ n system customizer:"+ Build.brand);    Sb.append ("\NCPU instruction set:"+ Build.cpu_abi);    Sb.append ("\NCPU instruction set 2"+ Build.cpu_abi2);    Sb.append ("\ n setting Parameters:"+ Build.device);    Sb.append ("\ nthe display parameter:"+ Build.display);    Sb.append ("\ n Radio firmware version:"+ build.getradioversion ());    Sb.append ("\ n Hardware ID:"+ Build.fingerprint);    Sb.append ("\ n Hardware name:"+ Build.hardware);    Sb.append ("\nhost:"+;    Sb.append ("\ n Revision list:"+;    Sb.append ("\ nthe hardware manufacturer:"+ Build.manufacturer);    Sb.append ("\ n version:"+ Build.model);    Sb.append ("\ n Hardware serial number:"+ build.serial);    Sb.append ("\ nthe handset manufacturer:"+ build.product);    Sb.append ("\ n describes the tag for build:"+ build.tags);    Sb.append ("\ntime:"+ build.time);    Sb.append ("\nbuilder type:"+ Build.type);    Sb.append ("\nuser:"+ Build.user);    returnSb.tostring ();  }}

Android----Build Class

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