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EXIF is an image file format, its data is stored in the JPEG format is exactly the same, in fact, the EXIF format is the JPEG format header inserted digital photo information, including the shooting aperture, shutter, balance white, ISO, focal length, date and time and other various and shooting conditions and camera brand, model, Color coding, GPS and so on.


Under Android, the EXIF information of the picture is manipulated through the Exifinterface class, although the name of this class contains interface, but it is not an interface, it is a class, under the "" package, is the implementation of a part of the Media Library feature. Exifinterface has a constructor that accepts a string type of data, which is the address of the image file to be read.

EXIF data in the picture can be understood as Key-value key-value pairs of the way to store, generally by the following several methods of operation:

String getattribute (String tag)// Gets the string value of the property in the picture as tag.  Double getattribute (String tag,double defaultvalue)// gets the double value of the property in the picture as tag.  int getattributeint (String tag,defaultvalue// gets the int value of the property in the picture as tag.  void setAttribute (String tag,string value)// The value of the image Exif is set according to the input parameters.  void saveattrubutes ()// The EXIF of the in-memory picture is written to the picture. 

To see, most of the above methods manipulate a string type of the tag parameter, this is the EXIF attribute, in Exifinterface defines some string static constants to represent these tag values, commonly used as follows:

Tag_aperture//The aperture value. Tag_datetime//The time taken depends on the time the device is set. Tag_exposure_time//exposure time. Tag_flash//Flash. Tag_focal_length//focal length. Tag_image_length//picture height. Tag_image_width//picture width. Tag_iso//ISO. Tag_make//Equipment brands. Tag_model//The device model, the shaping representation, has a constant corresponding representation in the exifinterface. Tag_orientation//The rotation angle, the shape representation, has the constant corresponding representation in the exifinterface. 
Exifinterface Exifinterface =NewExifinterface ("/sdcard/a.jpg"); String Ffnumber=Exifinterface.getattribute (exifinterface.tag_aperture); String Fdatetime=Exifinterface.getattribute (exifinterface.tag_datetime); String Fexposuretime=Exifinterface.getattribute (exifinterface.tag_exposure_time); String Fflash=Exifinterface.getattribute (Exifinterface.tag_flash); String Ffocallength=Exifinterface.getattribute (exifinterface.tag_focal_length); String Fimagelength=Exifinterface.getattribute (exifinterface.tag_image_length); String Fimagewidth=Exifinterface.getattribute (exifinterface.tag_image_width); String fisospeedratings=Exifinterface.getattribute (Exifinterface.tag_iso); String Fmake=Exifinterface.getattribute (Exifinterface.tag_make); String Fmodel=Exifinterface.getattribute (Exifinterface.tag_model); String forientation=Exifinterface.getattribute (exifinterface.tag_orientation); String fwhitebalance= Exifinterface.getattribute (exifinterface.tag_white_balance);
Write EXIF

EXIF information in the picture is stored in binary form, the number of bits stored in each field is fixed, and the number of tags is fixed, so we can only manipulate the image EXIF information already exists in the value of the tag, and the data to be stored in accordance with the limit of the number of storage bits, If the stored data type is wrong, the stored data may not be properly fetched and the number of digits exceeded will be intercepted. If the data of a string cannot be stored in tag_orientation, it must store the value of type int, and the extra will be intercepted.

// Tag String strattr = exifinterface.tag_orientation; // Tag-value String strvalue = et_value.gettext (). toString (). Trim (); // get pictures of Exif New Exifinterface ("/sdcard/a.jpg"); // Save the value of the specified tag Exif.setattribute (strattr,strvalue); // The EXIF information is written to the target image Exif.saveattributes ();
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