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Read and write iOS picture metadata

The picture itself is a variety of image data carrier, including the pixel, color, grayscale and other data information, in addition, also contains the exposure data, date, location, copyright and other metadata (metadata).What is picture

Steganography-Hide payload with JPEG file format

0x00 PrefaceContinue to learn the art of steganography, this time to learn and understand the JPEG file format. Compared with the PNG file format, the JPEG file is relatively simple, the way to read the hidden payload is similar, the difference

ImageSharp. NET Core cross-platform graphics processing library, imagesharpcore

ImageSharp. NET Core cross-platform graphics processing library, imagesharpcore ImageSharp supports. NET Core cross-platform graphics processing libraries, and ImageSharp is the. NET Core cross-platform implementation of ImageProcessor. ImageSharp

Detailed description of tools and applications in Windows XP

Detailed description of tools and applications in Windows XP

21 WordPress image album plug-ins

Use plug-ins to make your image album more beautiful, easier to manage, and more conducive to visitor browsing. in this article, Palan has collected 21 WordPress image album plug-ins for you. let's take a look at several categories of WordPress

Yahoo! Team practices: 34 gold codes for website performance optimization (4)-pictures, coockie and mobile apps

Images and coockie are also an indispensable part of our website. In addition, with the popularity of mobile devices, it is also very important to optimize mobile apps. This mainly includes:Coockie: Reduce cookie volume No coockie domain

Analysis of image formats

The image format is used to store images on a computer. Common storage formats include BMP, JPG, Tiff, GIF, PCX, TGA, EXIF, fpx, SVG, PSD, CDR, PCD, DXF, UFO, EPS, AI, raw, etc. BMP Image File Format BMP is an image file format unrelated to hardware

Here are 101 reasons not to buy Windows Phone 7.5

An interesting article. It is estimated that Microsoft fans are about to speak out. Ah, Windows Phone 7.5 mango! Just saying the name of the platform seems to start controversy-and don't get us wrong, we appreciate the design work and the

mac10.9.5 php5.4.45 Installation composer Précis-writers

Since the system version has not been upgraded, PHP has been using the system default, resulting in some new things to use the problem.Like composer ... has not been to pay attention to, this time there is a resource on GitHub did not find, think

The difference and selection of image format embedded in HTML page

Picture format is the format of the computer to store pictures, the common storage format has Bmp,jpg,tiff,gif,pcx,tga,exif,fpx,svg,psd,cdr,pcd,dxf,ufo,eps,ai,raw and so on.  Commonly used in HTML pages are: Bmp,bmp,jpg,gif.BMP is a hardware device

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