Android--split () Split string special usage

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Split () split string1. Distinctions in different environments

Java: The split string cannot be written as split ("$")//$ as the character to be split
Android: Split string needs to be combined with brackets split ("[$]")//$ for the character to be split

2. Special usage--when split () split string encounters special symbolsCase Analysis
1   String str = "ABC|DFG"; 2 3 string[] All=str.split ("|") ); 4 5 System.out.println (all[0]); 6 7 result for  a

Cause analysis

| In the regular expression is a special symbol (".", "|", "^") that has been used.

So want to use | , it must be escaped with \, and in the Java string, \ is a special symbol that has already been used, and it needs to be escaped using \.

Therefore, the following should be: string[] All=str.split ("\\|") ;

Android--split () Split string special usage

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