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Universal-imageloader Features:

1. Multi-threaded asynchronous loading and caching processing for local images and network images

2. Personalize the Imageloader of your project

3. Monitor callback for picture loading process

4. Better control picture crop optimization for current remaining memory to prevent oom

5. Good control of the loading process of the picture, such as pause picture loading, restart loading pictures

Picasso Features:

1. Load network or local pictures and automatically cache processing

2. Chained calls

3. Graphics conversion operations, such as transform size, rotation, etc., provide an interface that allows users to customize the conversion operation

4. Recycle and cancel the current download function in adapter


have efficient network image download and cache performance

Universal-imageloader features many functions. Flexible usage Configuration

Picasso uses complex image compression transformations to minimize memory consumption

In the adapter need to cancel already not in the field of view of the ImageView picture resource loading, or cause the picture dislocation, Picasso has solved the problem


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