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This article mainly introduces the AngularJS getting started tutorial (zero): Pilot Program. This article is an article in a series of articles. This series of articles will be explained by developing an AngularJS application, for more information, see prepare the AngularJS application phonecat. In this step (Step 0), you will be familiar with important source code files, learn to start the development environment that contains the AngularJS seed project, and run the application on the browser side.

Go to the angular-phonecat directory and run the following command:

The Code is as follows:

Git checkout-f step-0

This command resets the working directory of the phonecat project. We recommend that you run this command in each Learning step to change the number in the command to the number corresponding to your learning step, this command will clear any changes you make in the working directory.

Run the following command:

The Code is as follows:

Node scripts/web-server.js

The command line terminal will prompt the Http Server running at http: // localhost: 8000. Do not close the terminal. Enter http: // localhost: 8000/app/index.html in the browser to access our phonecat application.

Now, you should have seen our initial application in the browser. It is very simple, but it indicates that our project is ready to run.

"Nothing here yet!" displayed in the Application !" It is constructed from the following HTML code. The Code contains the key elements of AngularJS, which we need to learn.


The Code is as follows:

My HTML File

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