Anhui It is free to provide asp/php 1G space _ Free universal space

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Anhui It is free to provide asp/php space

Free Space Size: 1G
Functions: FTP Management +ASP+PHP+VBSCRIPT/JSCRIPT+NET.+FSO components + dynamic components +access database +mysql database +mssql database

ASP probe:

PHP Probes:

Number of IIS connections: 500

Network traffic: No Limits

CPU Resource allocation: 2%

Security: Virus Firewall system support and real-time online upgrade Shield 8G anti-DDoS hard defense

Database: Access database free (share database size with web space) MySQL database free server is expected to start testing in early October 08! Limit of 20 user places

Free Space Maintenance:

1. Long time: Free type space will be used for 3 months, 3 months after the automatic integration Integration System! Change the domain name and other business is the same reason!

[Integration System: You in Anhui it to earn a certain it currency, this is the IT currency you pay free space costs]

Free space plus one months fee: 50IT currency, change or add top level domain name fee: 30IT, Upgrade capacity: 1m/10it currency [Implementation Date: September 08]

2. Functional and security of space:

Anhui It recently will be the common components installed to the free server! MYSQL MSSQL Database release application later!

The security on the free server is consistent with the security of the commercial servers! Absolutely protect the legal rights of stationmaster!

Hint: For the benefit of webmaster, please backup key data per cycle!

Application requirements: The value of the user's contribution reached 5, Anhui it it currency: 10-can apply for free space

If you are afraid of trouble, you can also contact our technical staff to apply for payment of 10 RMB RMB to open free space! But after the opening or must use it currency to maintain free space!

The above is for everyone to cherish resources, before the implementation of the strategy! Please forgive me! [A stable and fast free space, get is to need a certain amount of pay]

How to get the contribution value and the It coin method:

Application Space Format:

User name:

Password: [Do not fill] The system will automatically generate!

The second password: [Retrieve password when need to use]


Bound domain name: [must top-level domain name]

Use of space: [Truthfully fill in]

Note: The above information please truthfully, seriously! Otherwise it won't pass.

Members who apply for free space please post! We will seriously audit!

Free space Application Address:
With the latest description:
Anhui It bar free type space suspend application [update:2008.09.06]
In the near future will adjust the server location, also will the server hardware upgrades! In order to ensure that the webmaster data, temporarily do not answer the application space list, please members of the Anhui it-
If the upgrade is completed, the announcement will be issued!

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