Apache svn 403 forbidden always prompts no access permission to solve

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Apache svn 403 forbidden always prompts no access permission. When using apache and svn integration, access is always denied and access is not permitted. In fact, these are not your faults, the mistake is that the configuration of svn and apache is too strict. If you are not careful about it, it will take you a day and it is difficult to find a satisfactory answer on the Internet. Today, let us know what we have encountered. I hope all of you will be helpful, follow the steps below to check whether apache has the corresponding file access permission <Directory "e:/svn_repository_root"> AllowOverride None Options None Order allow, deny Allow from all Satisfy all </Directory> 2. Check whether the user and password of the authenticated file (passwd file) are correct, whether the user name and password generated by using htpsswd are consistent with the user name and password used for access. 3. Whether the policy file is configured. In the conf folder of the svn repository, the name is authz, you can also write another file in the apache httpd file format. in the conf file, specify row 4. Whether or not the policy file (authz) assigns permissions to each user properly. Sometimes, the permissions are intertwined, A large directory permission overwrites a small directory permission. 5. In the policy file (authz), do all the "=" data have spaces on both sides of the equal sign, in the following username = password 6 and policy file (authz), whether the names of all groups are written in the row, for example, [groups] admin = admin [repository: /] @ admin = rw must be written in the top line. There are spaces on both sides of "=". In particular, there cannot be spaces behind username = password. The above is a problem encountered during the configuration process. I hope it will be useful to you.

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