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What if I lose my iphone? Two friends have lost their mobile phone recently and asked me such a question. Loss of mobile phone is not a good thing, but is not the most unfortunate, the most unfortunate is that the phone has not done any anti-theft measures, and the iphone itself is basically very powerful anti-theft management functions, why not set up in advance? If you can seriously take a little time to do a good job of anti-theft measures, perhaps lost mobile phone can be more convenient to find back. And now, for those of you who haven't lost your phone, everything is in time. This time I'm going to take the iphone with iOS 7+ (and, of course, the ipad goes with iOS 7 for this tutorial) to tell you how to set up the iOS built-in anti-theft measures, just in case, if you have never thought about these issues, might as well take a moment to see.

I OS 7: Newly upgraded anti-theft mechanism

iOS 7 has a better anti-theft mechanism than previous versions of iOS. In the past, Apple launched the "Find My iphone" feature on iOS, to some extent to enhance the security of the iphone, but this feature has a disadvantage, that if the iphone is stolen, as long as the owner of the Internet to lock the iphone before, enter the settings to turn off the function , then the thief can avoid the owner's position, and as long as a brush machine can be used as a new phone, it will not retain any original owner of any information.

But all this has been changed in iOS 7. IOS 7 offers a more intelligent anti-theft mechanism that not only protects the information of the phone in some way, but also allows the perpetrator to succeed. The new "Find My iphone" feature cannot be turned off once it is turned on, but it needs to be supplied with an Apple ID password to authenticate and close. In addition, even if the perpetrator brushes the machine, if not input Apple ID and password to activate, it can only be a brick.
What can I do with an iphone that can't be activated? In addition to open the sale of parts, it can be said to be close to worthless. In this way, even if the phone is stolen, it will not be sold to other people's hands. This undoubtedly makes the thief's enthusiasm greatly reduced.
So you should always update the iphone to make sure that its iOS version is up to date. You can refer to jquery172005570782179012462= "114" href= "" >apple official website on " Find My iphone "description.
Set a lock screen password
The IPhone 5S can be ignored here.
Setting a lock-screen password is important because it protects your phone's personal data from being lost to a large extent. All your information is safe until the thief unlocks it. Your privacy is not leaking out. Therefore, it is highly recommended to set a lock screen password, especially when you are out of the home.
If you think the four-digit number is too simple, it doesn't matter, the iphone will allow you to set the lock screen password to complex, so you can set a more powerful lock screen password.
Protect ICloud Account
icloud highly integrates the experience of using each Apple product. A icloud account that will not only securely save your contacts, memos, and seamlessly share files between Mac and iOS, but also help you recover other iphone data. It is also necessary to activate your iphone. Therefore, it is very necessary to protect the icloud account.
Don't log on to a stranger's icloud account at random.
Do not listen to the stranger's "Landing my icloud account, I put the game archive share to you" and so on, once you log into someone else's icloud account, the bad guys once used to find my iphone to locate, your phone is locked, you can only ...
Often change passwords
Many people do not want to change the password, in fact, Apple will force you to change the password. This is a very important part of ensuring data security. Taking a few minutes to update your password may prevent you from losing data once.
Remember IMEI identification code
Mobile devices will have a unique IMEI identification code. Open the Dial-up interface input * #06 # to see your IMEI identification code. Write it down, buy it on a piece of paper or send it to your mailbox, and if the phone is stolen, provide the police with this identification number, it may increase the return of the phone to your hope.
Turn on "Find My iphone"
Yes, this has to be opened, which is the most important and the most powerful thing. In the icloud setting you can find it and make sure it is turned on. Of course, in order to match the post-location mobile phone, you should also open the positioning service.
Some people would say that opening the location service is very power consumption , but in fact it is very small impact on the power, we only need to allow some of the necessary applications to use the geographic location, or even disable many of the system features and applications using positioning services. As a result, the impact of positioning services on electricity can be ignored.
Worried about the thieves turning off the location service? Don't be afraid, we have another powerful feature, which is access restrictions .
Powerful access restriction features
We can use another of iOS's heavyweight features: Access restrictions to restrict people from switching off or disabling certain settings. The effect it achieves is very effective. Let's look at how to use access restrictions to protect your phone.
Open positioning Service
In the access restrictions setting, be sure to open the locator service to match my iphone usage. We have selected some of the necessary applications, disabling some unwanted applications and the need for geographically implemented system features to ensure energy saving, and to remove the "status bar icon" Below my iphone, the thief cannot see that we are using lost positioning, and then we change these settings to "do not allow changes." In this way, the thief can not shut down the positioning service!
Prohibit change of account
We can even check "do not allow changes" in the "account" of the access restrictions, so that the thieves can not change the icloud account, it is not close to the "Find My iphone" feature, and can not change your Twitter, email, microblogging, Facebook, IMessage account and so on, greatly enhances the security.
Settings for the control center
To prevent the thief from opening the flight mode (which also does not use the location service), or turn off Wi-Fi or data (Find my iphone unavailable offline), we can adjust the control center settings. Because even if the thief does not know unlock the password, without your fingerprint, you can also pull open the control center in the lock screen interface, and suddenly open the flight mode. So we disable the control center access function of the lock screen interface.
In the control center, we cancel the option displayed on the Lock screen interface.
Similarly, if you don't want the thief to see the privacy in your Notification center, you can also disable the display of the notification center in the lock screen interface.
The case of theft
The best anti-theft scenario is when you log in to icloud, turn on the search for my iphone feature, turn on the location service and enable access restrictions, restrict the shutdown of the location service and icloud account changes, and then turn on Wi-Fi or 3/4g data to connect to the network. Cancel the control center display in the lock screen interface, and have a strong lock screen password.
In addition, the "Find My iphone" app is installed on iOS devices, and for others, it can be retrieved for the first time after the phone is lost.
Phone lost back
What if the phone is lost? Calm down now, if the friends around have installed "Find My iphone" application, then start it immediately and locate, follow the operation into lost mode.
If not, then immediately on the Internet, open, login and click "Find My iphone", the same positioning, into the lost mode. If you can't get it back, you can erase the data to keep it from leaking out.
Into the lost mode of the phone, will add a password you set, will issue a "beep" sound to help find, and can display a paragraph of text, you can only dial a number you set, or can not unlock the use. At this time, the thief may be in the sky.
If you still haven't found it, you can try to call the police, and this time you'll need to provide your IMEI number. You can also call Apple Customer Service and provide your Apple ID, which may help you track the iphone.
Good habits.
In fact, as long as we usually pay attention to the point, the phone will not be so easy to be stolen. Public care good mobile phone, always pay attention to points, thieves will not have the opportunity. In addition, if you have been stolen, you do not have any prior protection measures, perhaps the phone can not really find back.

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