Apple's MDM introduction, Apple's MDM Introduction

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Apple's MDM introduction, Apple's MDM Introduction

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is generally used by enterprises to manage their Mobile devices. Because iOS is a closed system, many functions are difficult to implement, therefore, Apple's MDM can be used to remotely control devices, such as remote location, remote lock screen, remote recovery of factory settings, Bluetooth disabling, camera disabling, and other functions.

The following figure shows the running process of MDM. First, register your device on the MDM server, and the MDM server sends commands to the device through APNS, if the device is idle, it will send a message to Apple indicating that the device is idle. If the device is idle, it will execute the corresponding command. After the command is executed, it will tell the MDM server the execution result.

The following lists the functions that can be implemented using MDM commands.

Lock screen command
Obtains information about the device's app.
Clear the device password
Install a description file
Delete A description file
Get the description file list
Obtain device information
Delete an app command
Command for installing an app
Obtain security-related information
Restore factory settings
Obtain the list of Preset certificates
Obtain the certificate list
Obtain information about the managed app
Install a file or book
Obtain the list of installed files
Remove installed files
Obtain information about the updatable System
Remote location
Set the device name
Remote device wallpaper setting

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