Application of big data for precision service

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In recent years, Nanjing local tax through the exploration of big Data application of the new service model, and actively expand the service of new areas, to establish a customer-centric precision service system. It is understood that Nanjing local tax precision service system mainly relies on its strong data warehouse platform, through the full application of big data mining, analysis and other modern information technology, the data will not be landed directly to the tax front desk, official, 12366 systems and other service channels to achieve accurate service.

At present, the big Data application of Nanjing Local tax has been extended from a single dimension to a multi-dimensional dimension, from static analysis to dynamic triggering, from fundamental research to personalized customization, to provide customers with more comprehensive and thoughtful service.

Through the big Data tool, integrates the large centralized system, the comprehensive information platform, the tax booths system, the 12366 voice consultation system and so on many platforms, forms a comprehensive new massive database, provides the convenience to understand the taxpayer compliance condition, the punishment situation, the Declaration custom, the tax preference, the consultation preference and so on.

At the same time, the Nanjing local tax expands "big data" in the service application depth and the breadth, the deep excavation development potential, the real transformation service way, according to different categories of analysis results, for different categories of taxpayers to give more targeted, more efficient tax services. In addition, the Nanjing local tax also through the big Data tool business intelligence to the external economic data mining, and with the tax authority internal data matching analysis, aims to find out the external economic data and tax authorities of the various data indicators may exist between the relevant relations, in order to better realize the tax services to provide data support.

Nanjing Local tax officials said that the next step will continue to focus on work, deep digging big data innovation and development capabilities, and actively explore the target taxpayer positioning problems, through the integration of data and information resources in a broader area, deeper help tax services development, for the taxpayer needs, to carry out classification services, and further improve the efficiency of tax services.

Application of big data for precision service

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