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Linux VPS Host site for many novice friends, and the user is accustomed to using a virtual host may still prefer to have a Visual Web panel management site is more convenient, at least to see the menu, management site, so it seems more practical. It will be used to some free, paid web panels, and many domestic and foreign panels can be used, in view of the operation of the habit and language familiarity, but also in favor of the use of Chinese panels in the majority.

The Web panels we are familiar with include WDCP, AMH, Lumanager, Vpsmate, and so on. The old left to share today is the original Vpsmate free panel, and then stagnation does not update, and the Appnode name of the panel has been in the informal version of the development. Yesterday saw the Netizen to find old left, said to see someone blog Share appnode panel, ask whether it is feasible.

So, the old left to its Appnode official website looked at, a few days ago officially public use, and are paid version of the free version of the function is not complete (basic cannot use), which for most of the users want to experience the Web panel for free more embarrassing. Even if we currently want to pay for the purchase, the proposal or wait for some time, because see the update document even if the current public, but in recent days to see a lot of error updates, the proposal or so stability to use.

Because, currently for the new registration account to activate the mobile phone number (with a Ali trumpet can be), you can get free 7 days to use, so the old left to be installed in the test machine Appnode panel to see what it looks like.

First, Appnode official website address

The code is as follows Copy Code

Official website:

Although the Appnode panel is not perfect, but it is still pretty good marketing, the new registration account to give 5 yuan use amount, recommend the user to buy the panel serial number and reward. The old left personal suggestion, the panel only then opens the official use suggestion and so on, later pays attention to the official maintenance upgrade as well as the processing technical question speed, this is more important for a pay panel.

Second, the Appnode panel installation process

The code is as follows Copy Code

Bash-c "$ (Curl"

Appnode currently only support the installation of CentOS environment, where the old left choice on the CentOS6.5 test installation to see, this article's record is mainly to see what they look like in the background panel, as well as the use of some features.

There is a DNS error while downloading the installation package and we need to modify DNS.

The code is as follows Copy Code

Echo-e "nameserver\nnameserver" >>/etc/resolv.conf

Then we can execute the above installation command one-click Package.

Here we set the panel port, username, password, and determine the installation.

If you have a friend who has installed and used the Vpsmate panel, you should have some experience, Appnode should also inherit the advantages of the front panel, especially when the installation is very fast, not a minute to see the installation of the success of the Panel, because this Panel adopts the model is the installation of the basic framework, Subsequent web features need to be installed in the background, so the installation is fast.

Third, the use of Appnode panel

1, Panel Login

Once the installation is complete, we can use Http://IP: The port we set up, and then log into the panel.

2. Controlled activation

Because the Appnode panel is to be paid, we need to buy the serial number before we can use it. Since they currently have a 7-day free serial number to collect, the old left from their official registration to the account and then get the serial number, so in the following operation, just as a paid user operation.

Initial login panel, we can see the need to authorize the control to use the panel. It's a little bit complicated, so let's take a look.

Here also need to install, so we start to install the panel when the feeling speed, in fact, it will take time to install the steps to complete before you can use.

3. Activate serial number

Here we have the controlled end of the installation, directly into the current node management, see a lot of beautiful icon management, but now is a free version, we need to activate the input serial number to enjoy the full function of the paid version.

Here the old left uses the free 7-day serial number to apply to to see what their paid edition is capable of.

4, choose the installation software environment

The default Appnode panel is not installed in the Web panel, we need to add the application installation to the actual needs.

Here is something similar to the AMH panel, which uses the App Store mode, which is installed according to the actual requirements. Like the old left here on the installation of Nginx, PHP, MySQL and other general Web sites need to use the web environment software. For example, when you install PHP, you can also choose the necessary version and component support.

Here we can see some of the applications that have been installed, although the number of application warehouses is not much, but for the basic purpose is sufficient.

Four, Appnode site add

We use more should use the panel to build the station, here after adding Nginx application, can add the site. At least the panel is Chinese, it does not seem to bother, but with the previous contact panel to compare, the actual operation is relatively cumbersome.

Add the Domain name deployment Site Directory as needed and whether to start PHP. Similarly, we can add database user information like this. Add a program build based on the appropriate directory.

Five, appnode panel use summary

1, this article old left is simply the experience of this new Appnode Linux VPS panel for use. Give me a personal feeling is that the function of the panel is more powerful, and according to some of the official measures and actions, should be in the short term there will be no small updates and patches, after all, after a period of brewing should be exerting force for a period of time.

2, but for new users, the use of this panel or some twist, the feeling is not very comfortable. This requires the official to provide a number of detailed documentation, especially pay panels, these documents need to be provided by the official, the general free panels will be enthusiastic viewers to provide, but now pay, have to pay to buy to experience, it is estimated that the kind-hearted people are not many.

3, from the price and function, and amh or some similar, if the promotional price than AMH cheaper, but look at the price does not understand whether the original price recovery, if the resumption of the words and amh almost, but the actual application of maturity is not as good as AMH, see the official later how to promote. The most important is the need to provide documentation to guide users to use, there can be no problem, search does not answer.

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