ArcGIS + Oracle to create an enterprise-level geo-database step

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The ORACLE+ARCSDE is a very common spatial data storage scenario, and the following steps are used to create an enterprise-class geodatabase in Oracle.

1. Install Oracle correctly, create database instance (such as default ORCL) and tablespace (such as Sde_data);

2. Install and properly configure the Oracle client (with Green Edition) to ensure that the Oracle database can be connected via the Add database connection in Arccatalog, as shown in Figure 1 below:

3. Open the tools in Arctoolbox to create an enterprise-level geodatabase, as shown in Figure 2 and figure 3 below:

4. set the parameters for creating an enterprise-level geodatabase correctly , as shown in Figure 4 below:

5, after the completion of the setup, click OK, after the creation of success, the following Figure 5 shows the page:

6. You can view the effects of creating an enterprise-level geodatabase by right-clicking the database in Arccatalog, as shown in Figure 6 and figure 7 below:


1, must ensure that arccatalog can connect to the database;

2, the creation of geographical database settings, on the Geographical database administrator, password and table space, preferably new rather than the use of existing;

3. The enterprise-level geo-database created here is built on the database instance, so once the creation is successful, all tablespaces in the instance can store spatial data;

4, in the client tools, use the table space created in Oracle and create a new table space in the Enterprise Geodatabase login verification;

5. If there is a problem during the first creation of an enterprise-class geodatabase, you may see the following error in Figure 8 :

When I was in the middle of the creation, the program crashes, then creates the key to appear the above question; After several attempts (primarily deleting existing tablespaces and creating new ones), it was not successful until the database instance was recreated, and the Enterprise Geodatabase was also found to be created on the database instance (rather than a table space), all table spaces have the ability to store spatial data.

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