ArcGIS platform to build a new generation of web GIS that can be landed

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connotation of new generation Web GIS

       " Next-generation Web GIS " is a web-centric, new GIS application model presented by ESRI in the context of the new GIS technology and the era, in which the resources and functions are further integrated and the providers of GIS services provide resources and functions in a web-based manner. Users use a variety of terminals to access these resources and functions anytime, anywhere. In this mode, the GIS platform becomes more simple, easy to use, open and integrated, making GIS a reality for all organizations, and giving "Web GIS" a new connotation. The ArcGIS platform advocates one ArcGIS concept, is not limited by the SOFTWARE PRODUCT and the functional level, but pays more attention to the application pattern and the application architecture, from "system" to "person", realizes to the business "person" the support, is constructs the next generation Web GIS application pattern the important support, It is also the basis of realizing the interconnection of spatial information of the whole organization.

ArcGIS Platform fully supports next-generation Web GIS

ArcGIS the platform has three key components: applications (Apps ), portals, and servers (server) are a critical part of building a new generation of Web GIS application patterns. ArcGIS 10.3 New, constantly improve and improve the platform, the introduction of a user-centric Nameduser licensing model, the formation of named user as a link, three components organically integrated all-round support platform, comprehensively build a next-generation Web GIS Application model can be landed.

nameduser- Keys for logging into the next generation Web GIS platform

ArcGIS 10.3 The licensing model of licensed users , as a unique identifier of the platform, Named user's natural form authentication barrier, fully protect the platform security, and make the user private content hidden. Authorized users and authorized machine two modes complement each other, suitable for different scenarios of user needs, once certified, Named user will go all the way along with it, users to use the ArcGIS platform anytime and anywhere to become a reality.

apps- users access the portal to the ArcGIS platform

Whether it's a GIS expert or a weak GIS population, apps can be used to access content provided by the ArcGIS platform. GIS experts use ArcGIS for desktop and ArcGIS Pro Pro apps to make maps, models, and tools; business people, decision makers, and the public can use Collector for ArcGISat different endpoints, Operations Dashboardfor ArcGIS, Explorer for ArcGIS, and Esri maps for MicrosoftOffice, easy access to the ArcGIS platform for maps and GIS resources and assist in decision-making based on the latest data. In addition, with the business requirements, partners to provide users with a variety of practical business-based apps.

portal- access control hub for the ArcGIS platform

Portal is a channel for users to achieve multidimensional content management, cross-departmental collaborative sharing, granular access control, and convenient discovery and use of GIS resources. The portal includes the public cloud portal, and the organization portal for ArcGIS in your on-premises environment. Portals can create maps by aggregating data and services from multiple sources, such as aggregating their own data, data provided by ESRI and ESRI partners, and making maps available for user invocation.

server-important support for the ArcGIS platform

Server includes ArcGIS Forserver, content, and services. The server provides rich content and open standard support for the platform. It is the key to the value of spatial data and GIS analytics capabilities in the Web, and is responsible for transforming data into GIS services (GIS service), bringing services to more people through browsers and multiple devices. In the new generation Webgis construction model, users interact with the server through the portal, acquiring and using content and resources.

ArcGIS Platform creates more value for users

Compared to the traditional GIS apps, the ArcGIS platform brings new value-added experiences to users:

your identity goes with you.

in Nameduser licensing mode, the named user is assigned through the portal, whether the user is in a public cloud environment Argis Online Enterprise Organization, or the locally deployed portal for ArcGIS Portal, once assigned named user, Anytime, anywhere, it will walk with you.

Multi-terminal use anytime, anywhere

ArcGIS platform to provide users with rich multi-access apps , including PC-side applications such as Arcgisfor Desktop,arcgis Pro, web-side applications such as Operations Dashboard for arcgis,briefing book, etc., mobile applications such as collector For Arcgis,explore for ArcGIS, and so on. By named user's identity authentication, users can use the apps around them without the restrictions of the terminal.

You're not alone in a fight.

ArcGIS platform, the user is no longer an isolated single individual, but Unified in the portal organizations that collaborate and share resources with each other. The new shared collaboration mechanism created by the ArcGIS platform allows users to quickly share data, maps, models, layers, and more to other members of the organization, breaking down the barriers of collaboration between departments and moving from departmental collaboration to Web GIS The new organization and collaboration of the Center makes collaboration easier and more efficient.

Data integration from different sources

Server ( server carries a wide variety of GIS content, including maps, imagery, three-dimensional and different types of services, even integrating enterprise data, tabular data, social media data, and data collected from new sensor networks, It also adds support for big data, enables online integration and use of a wide range of information, and provides integration and access to third-party business platforms that enable users to quickly use GIS functions on Office, SharePoint, ERP, CRM, Salesforce and other business platforms.

Expand the customization to make the platform more vibrant

ArcGIS platform provides a rich development interface, strong support for a variety of international standards, based on open ArcGIS platform, users can use more resources and build the apps they want on demand.

ArcGIS Platform builds a new generation of web GIS that can be landed

build a new generation of web GIS that can be landed platform, the ArcGIS platform provides a flexible deployment model.

Software as a service (SaaS) cloud mode

ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based platform created by Esri in recent years , built on Amazon's AWS, providing users with a cloud-based, A complete work platform for collaborative geo-information content management and sharing. Build a Web GIS based on the SaaS model, with portal, GIS server, and content from ArcGIS Online, such as the Minneapolis city case presented at the 2014 ESRI Global User Conference, which is a typical case of using the SaaS model.

Public Cloud (publiccloud) mode

In this mode, the cloud infrastructure is provided by the service provider, such as Amazon, and users can easily obtain access to the tools such as ArcGIS Server Cloud Builder on Amaoznweb services provided by ESRI. Resources in the cloud needed to build a GIS system in a public cloud. with this deployment model, users do not have to worry about the software update problem, can be more convenient, at a very small price on demand to obtain services.

Software Local deployment (On-premise software) mode

since ArcGIS10.2 , ArcGIS Forserver has added portal for ArcGIS to fully support ArcGIS for server-based building of web GIS within an organization. The software on-premises deployment model builds a Web GIS that deploys portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS for Server on-premises and can be data from ESRI-provided data pre-or user-owned data.

ArcGIS platform to build a new generation of web GIS that can be landed

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