arcgis10.2 Connecting PostgreSQL

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Combined with several articles on the Internet, today finally successfully connected. Below the concrete steps to make a summary, convenient for future search.

1, first, install the PostgreSQL 64-bit database, follow the prompts next, and then install PostGIS.

After the installation is complete, open ArcMap, locate the enterprise and database, and fill in the instance name with the computer name or localhost, as follows:

But click OK to prompt the following error:

"You must copy the latest st_geometry and dependent libraries to the PostgreSQL software location. Refer to the ArcGIS Help topics for more details.

Connected RDBMS instance is not setup for Esri spatial type configuration. "

Workaround: According to the prompt we put St_stgeometry.dll into the Postgressql lib directory. St_stgeometry.dll can be obtained from the ArcGIS desktop installation directory, such as mine in C:\Program Files (x86) \arcgis\desktop10.1\databasesupport\postgresql Let's put it to C:\Program Files\postgresql\9.0\lib because I am the default installation, you can set according to their own installation path, 2

2, when registering the database with ArcGIS server, Prompt "

Cannot connect to database because the database client software failed to load. Be sure the

Database client software is installed and configured correctly "
Cause: The server is 64-bit and requires a 64-bit client
workaround : The Postgresql64-bit client program is:

    1. Libpq.dll
    2. Libeay32.dll
    3. Libintl.dll
    4. Ssleay32.dll

Copy to the bin directory of the server

In addition, since desktop is a 32-bit program that requires PostgreSQL 32-bit clients, copy the following files to the desktop Bin directory

      1. Libpq.dll
      2. Libiconv-2.dll
      3. Libeay32.dll
      4. Libintl-8.dll
      5. Ssleay32.dll
        1. Reference article:
        2. Reference article:

arcgis10.2 Connecting PostgreSQL

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