Architect Tutorial-moving toward Big data architect-architect transformation methodology and architecture design theory

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1. Course Objectives
Through this course, students learn what a system architect is, what a big Data system architect is, the difference between a programmer and an architect, how a programmer transforms an architect, how an architect works on a daily basis, how it must be cultivated, how it grows, how it is successfully transformed into a big data system architect, etc. , which provides a methodology and guidance for students to study comprehensively, is an important opening to the architect's course, and the architect must learn the theoretical knowledge.

2. Learning Objects
Students with a certain Java foundation
Big Data Base is better
Active program developers interested in working with system architects

3. Course Content
①, transform to Big data architect
Definition of Schema
Dimensions of the architecture design
Architect role
Architecture design and Big Data
Representation of architectural Design
②, Software Architecture architecture
Theory System of software technology
Architectural style and application
Architecture Patterns and Applications
③, transforming to Big Data architects: Programmers vs Architects
Features of the programmer
Requirements of the architect
④ transformation to Big Data architect: Architect transformation model
Architect Transformation Model
How to transform successfully
Work as an architect

Architect Tutorial-moving toward Big data architect-architect transformation methodology and architecture design theory

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