Ask how to write regular expressions when matching this section.

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Ask how to write regular expressions when matching this section.


China's artillery forces are the third in the world

What about the head?

The obscenity speed is too fast.

The border army is too hard to support planes

Fierce: our Army's airborne chariot opens fire

Exposure of important components of Indian aircraft carriers

The Sino-Russian anti-terrorism joint show has finally begun.

Our army is so powerful.

People in Okinawa are angry.

US military feared training to protect aircraft carriers

Daily netizens hope that the cloud account will never sink

Japan Quasi-aircraft carrier flight deck exposure

Style 69 is still a powerful tool for our military

What happened to our Army's participating equipment?

Liaonan shipyard is stepping up to build a ship 056

Domestic aircraft carriers are captured by satellites in segments

Our army is equipped with a full range of equipment

Excellent soldiers hit the gun with unfamiliar equipment

Ask me how to write a regular expression that matches the image and text in it.

Reply to discussion (solution)

(.*?) <\/Span>



Thank you for your enthusiastic reply. The title of the image has been taken out, but the image address has not been provided. could you find a way to retrieve the image address?

Thank you for your help. The regular expression written by jordan102 is correct, because the above test string is sent. what I actually want to test
Is $ str = file_get_contents (""); can such a URL please jordan102
Let's take a look at this.

Thank you for your enthusiastic reply.

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