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I. Requirements
Currently, the development of dynamic web pages using ASP is a popular mode for clients to view web pages using Microsoft's IE series browsers. We encountered such a problem during the development process. Due to technical and time constraints, an execution program must be called on the webpage. Of course you can use a hyperlink to direct to the desired program, but this will be "hacked" by Microsoft: every time you open this link in IE, an undesirable warning box will appear (of course, it is justified mainly for security considerations ), this is acceptable to users. Can we solve this problem in a convenient and concise way?
After some research, a method called "Li daitao" has been introduced:
L create a specific file type in the system, for example, *. spa;
2. Associate this type of file with the program to be executed in ASP;
3. The hyperlink points to a file with the set extension "spa.
The principle of this approach is: when you open a file through a hyperlink in IE, if the browser can interpret this type of file itself, the content of the file is directly displayed in a browser, such as a text file, otherwise, search for the settings in the registry, find the program that processes this type of file, and then call the corresponding program to open the file.
II. Method
The specific implementation methods are manual and automatic, as shown below:
(1) manual settings
L open the resource manager, as shown in Figure 1. Click the [Folder Options] menu in the [view] menu. The [Folder Options] dialog box is displayed, as shown in figure 2, the [file type] page is displayed;
Note: You must select a file or folder. If you select [printer] or [control panel], this dialog box does not exist.
2. Click [new type (N)…]. Button to open
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