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1 An application-defined error or an object-defined error.
2 an application-defined error or an object-defined error.
3 This error number is obsolete and is no longer in use.
5 procedure Call or parameter is invalid.
6 overflow.
7 Not enough memory.
9 Subscript out of range.
10 This array is fixed or temporarily locked.
11 were removed by 0.
13 types do not match.
14 Insufficient string space.
16 expressions are too complex.
17 The requested operation cannot be performed.
18 occurred a user interruption.
20 no error continues execution.
28 Insufficient stack space.
35 No Sub or Function is defined.
Too many DLL application clients.
48 An error occurred while loading the DLL.
49 The wrong DLL calling convention.
51 Internal error.
52 File name or number error.
53 No files found.
54 the wrong file mode.
55 file is open.
57 Device I/O error.
58 file already exists.
59 The record length of the error.
61 the disk is full.
62 input is beyond the end of the file.
63 The record number of the error.
67 Too many files.
68 The device is not available.
70 permissions are denied.
71 disk is not ready.
74 cannot be renamed with a different drive.
75 Path/file access error.
76 The path was not found.
91 no object variable or with block variable is set.
92 did not initialize the for loop.
The 93 mode string is not valid.
94 This error number is obsolete and is no longer in use.
95 an application-defined error or an object-defined error.
96 cannot receive an event for an object because the number of events that the object fires has reached the maximum number of event sinks it supports.
97 cannot adjust the Ufida function on an object that is not an instance of a defined class.
98 either as a parameter or as a return value, a property or method call cannot include a reference to a private object.
The 100 class "|1" does not implement the System.Collections.ICollection interface.
321 The file format is invalid.
322 cannot create the required temporary file.
The format in the 325 resource file is invalid.
380 property value is not valid.
The 381 property array index is invalid.
382 The Set statement is not supported at run time.
383 does not support Set statements (read-only properties).
A property array index is required for 385.
387 A Set statement is not allowed.
The 393 runtime does not support get statements.
394 does not support get statements (write-only properties).
422 The attribute was not found.
423 no attributes or methods were found.
424 need objects.
429 The ActiveX component could not be created.
The 430 classes do not support automation or support for the required interfaces.
432 The file name or class name was not found during the automation operation.
438 object does not support this property or method.
440 Automation error.
442 has lost the connection to the type library or object library for remoting. Press "OK" in the dialog box to remove the reference.
443 Automation objects have no default values.
445 object does not support this operation.
446 object does not support named parameters.
The 447 object does not support the current locale.
448 No named parameters were found.
449 parameter is not selectable.
The number of 450 parameters is incorrect or the property assignment is invalid.
451 The Property Let procedure is not defined and the Property Get procedure does not return an object.
The 452 serial number is not valid.
453 The specified DLL function was not found.
454 No code resource was found.
455 code resource lock error.
457 This item is already associated with an element of the collection.
458 variables use an automation type that is not supported by Visual Basic.
459 object or class does not support event sets.
460 Clipboard format is not valid.
461 no method or data member was found.
462 the remote server computer does not exist or is not available.
463 the class is not registered on the local computer.
481 picture is invalid.
482 Printer error.
735 cannot save the file? TEMP.
744 the search text was not found.
746 the replacement content is too long.
999 encountered the Stop statement.
32768 features that have not yet been implemented.

Whether in a development environment or in a standalone executable file, the Microsoft Jet database engine can cause a catch error that is raised when the application is executing. You can use the Error object to test and respond to a catch error.

Error code information
2420 Number Syntax errors
2421 Date Syntax error
2422 String Syntax error
2423 '. ', '! ', or ' () ' use is invalid
2424 names that do not know
2425 function names that are not recognized
The function in the 2426 expression is not available
2427 object has no value
2428 invalid parameters used with the domain function
2429 in operator missing ()
The 2430 Between operator lacks and
2431 syntax error (missing operator)
2432 syntax errors (comma)
2433 syntax errors
2434 syntax error (missing operator)
2,435 superfluous)
2436 omitted),] or project
2437 use of vertical rods is invalid
2438 syntax errors
Wrong number of arguments in 2439 function
2440 IIF function Missing ()
Invalid use of 2442 brackets
Invalid use of the 2443 is operator
2445 expression is too complex
2446 Low Memory on calculation
2447 '. ', '! ', or ' () ' use is invalid
2448 Cannot set numeric values
3000 Retention Errors < projects >; This error has no information
3001 Invalid Parameters
3002 Cannot start session
3003 cannot start transaction; There are already too many nested transactions
3005 < database name > is not a valid database name
3006 Database < name > locked exclusively
3007 cannot open library database < name >
3008 < name > datasheet has been opened exclusively by other users, or it has been opened by the user interface and cannot be orchestrated
3009 when you open the < table > datasheet, you attempt to lock it, but the datasheet is currently in use and it cannot be locked. Please wait a moment and try again
3010 < name > data table already exists
3011 the Microsoft Jet database engine could not find object < name >. Make sure that the object exists and correctly spell its name and path
3012 < name > object already exists
3013 cannot rename ISAM files that can be installed
3014 cannot open any more tables
3015 Index not found
3016 field not suitable for record
3017 field is too long
3018 cannot find the field
3019 invalid operation due to no current index
3020 Update or cancelupdate that do not have AddNew or Edit
3021 no current record
3022 requires changes to the data table that will not succeed because duplicate values are generated for the index, primary key, or relationship. Change the field's data or change those fields that contain duplicate data, delete the index, or redefine the index to allow duplicate index values, and then try again
3023 already using AddNew or Edit
3024 file < name not found >
3025 No more files can be opened.
3026 the disk does not have enough space.
3027 cannot be updated. The database or object is read-only.
3028 cannot start your application. The workgroup's information file is missing or opened exclusively by another user.
3029 is not a valid account name or password.
3030 is not a valid account name.
3031 is not a valid password.
3032 cannot perform this operation.
3033 does not have permission to use object < name >. The system administrator or the person who created the object can create an appropriate permission.
3034 attempts to commit or roll back a transaction without first starting a transaction.
3036 the database has reached its maximum capacity.
3037 cannot open more data tables or queries.
3039 cannot create an index; Too many indexes have been defined.
3040 disk I/O errors during read-ins
3041 cannot open database with previous version of application
3042 has exhausted MS-DOS file handle
3043 Disk or network error
3044 < path > is not a valid path. Make sure the path name is spelled correctly and that the file is located on the attached server
3045 cannot use < name >; file is already in use
3046 cannot save; is currently locked by another user
3047 record is too long
3048 no more databases can be opened
3049 cannot open database < name >. It may not be a database recognized by an application, or the file may be corrupted
3050 cannot lock file
3051 the Microsoft Jet database engine could not open the < name > file. It has been opened exclusively by other users or requires permission to view data
3052 the number of file share limits exceeded. Add MaxLocksPerFile Registry Entries
3053 Too many client tasks
3054 Memo data type or OLE object field too many
3055 is not a valid filename
3056 Cannot repair this database
3057 unsupported operations on linked data tables
3058 index or PRIMARY key cannot contain Null value
3059 operation cancelled by user
3060 parameter < parameter > data type error
3061 too few parameters. Expectations < numbers >
3062 Duplicate output alias < name >
3063 Duplicate Output Purpose < name >.
3064 cannot open action query < name >
3065 cannot perform a select query
3066 query must contain at least one destination field
3067 query input must contain at least one datasheet or query
3068 is not a valid alias
3069 action Query < name > cannot be used as a row source
3070 the Microsoft Jet database engine does not recognize < name > is a valid field name or expression
3071 the expression you typed is invalid or too complex to be evaluated. For example, a numeric expression can contain a lot of complex components, try to specify a partial expression as a variable to simplify an expression. An attempt to simplify an expression by defining some parts of an expression as a variable
3072 type mismatch occurs when a table validation rule or a CHECK constraint is created on a column
3073 operation must use updatable query
3074 cannot duplicate datasheet name < name > in FROM clause
3075 query Expressions < expressions > < information >
3076 < name > in benchmark expressions
< information in 3077 expressions >
3078 the Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the input datasheet or query < name >. Make sure it exists and spell out its name correctly
3079 specified fields < fields > may refer to a datasheet that is listed in the SQL statement FROM clause
Connection < name > datasheet not listed in 3080 FROM clause
3081 cannot add more than one datasheet with the same name < name >
3082 JOIN Operations < operations > referencing to disconnected data tables
3083 cannot use internal report query
3084 cannot insert data using an action query
< name > function not defined in 3085 expression
3086 cannot be deleted from the specified datasheet
There are too many expressions in the 3087 GROUP by clause
There are too many expressions in the 3088 ORDER BY clause
There are too many expressions in the 3089 DISTINCT output
3090 The result data table cannot be Xuyudo to more than one AutoNumber field.
3091 HAVING clauses < names without grouping or totals >
3092 cannot use the HAVING clause in an TRANSFORM expression
3093 ORDER BY clause < clause > conflict with DISTINCT
3094 ORDER BY clause < clause > conflict with GROUP by clause
3095 cannot have an aggregate function in expression < expression >
3096 cannot have an aggregate function in the WHERE clause < clause >
3097 cannot have an aggregate function in an ORDER BY clause < clause >
3098 cannot have an aggregate function in the GROUP BY clause < clause >
3099 cannot have an aggregate function in JOIN operation < operation >
3100 Cannot set < name > field's join keyword is Null
3101 the Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find records in the < name > datasheet that match the < name > field keyword
3102 circular references caused by < query reference >
3103 circular references caused by aliases < name > in the SELECT list defined in the query
3104 cannot specify fixed column name < value > more than once in a crosstab query
3105 Missing destination field name < statement in SELECT into expression >
3106 Missing destination field name < statement in UPDATE expression >
3107 cannot add record;< name > no insert permission
3108 cannot edit record;< name > No updatable permissions
3109 cannot delete record;< name > No delete permission
3110 cannot read into definition; No data table or query < name > read in definition permission
3111 cannot be created; No data table or query < name > Modify Design Permissions
3112 record cannot read;< name > No Read permission
3113 Cannot update < field name >; field cannot be updated
3114 You cannot include Memo data types or OLE Object data types when you select unique Values < statements >
3115 The total argument cannot contain Memo, OLE, or Hyperlink object fields < statements >
3116 aggregate functions cannot have MEMO data types or OLE Object data type fields in guidelines < guidelines >
3117 cannot be sorted on Memo, OLE, or Hyperlink objects < clauses >
3118 cannot be federated on Memo, OLE, or Hyperlink object < name >
3119 cannot be grouped on Memo, OLE, or Hyperlink objects < clauses >
3120 cannot pair with (*) The selected field < table name > group
3121 cannot group the fields selected with (*)
3122 attempt to execute a query that does not contain the specified expression < name as part of an aggregate function >
3123 not available in crosstab query (*)
3124 cannot enter < name > from Internal report query
3125 < name > is not valid. Confirm that the name does not contain invalid characters or punctuation and is not longer than the length
3,126 invalid parentheses in name < name >
The 3127 INSERT into expression contains the following fields name < Field name > that you do not recognize. Make sure you have typed the name correctly, and then try again. Make sure you have typed the name correctly, and then try again
3128 specifies a datasheet containing the records you want to delete
3129 invalid SQL statement; request is ' DELETE ', ' INSERT ', ' PROCEDURE ', ' SELECT ' or ' UPDATE '
3130 syntax error in DELETE expression
3131 syntax errors in the FROM clause
3132 syntax errors in the GROUP by clause
3133 syntax errors in the HAVING clause
3134 syntax error in INSERT into statement
3135 syntax errors in JOIN operations
The 3136 level clause contains a misspelled or missing reserved word or argument, or the punctuation mark is invalid
A semicolon is missing at the end of the 3137 SOL statement (;)
3138 syntax errors in the ORDER BY clause
3139 syntax errors in parameter clauses
3140 syntax error in PROCEDURE clause
The 3141 SELECT expression contains a misspelled or missing reserved word or argument, or the punctuation mark is invalid
3142 characters found at end of SQL statement
3143 syntax errors in TRANSFORM expressions
3144 syntax errors in an UPDATE expression
3145 syntax errors in the WHERE clause
3146 odbc– call failed
3151 ODBC connection to name > failed
3154 ODBC Cannot find DLL name >
3155 ODBC failed to insert on join table < table >
3156 ODBC failed to delete on join table < table >
3157 ODBC failed to update on connection table < table >
3158 cannot store records; is currently locked by another user
3159 is not a valid bookmark
3160 Table not open
3161 cannot decrypt file
3162 an attempt to specify a Null value for a variable that is not a Variant data type
The 3163 field is too small to hold the amount of data you want to increase. Please insert or paste a small amount of data
3164 The field cannot be updated.
3165 cannot open. inf file
3166 the required Xbase Memo data type file was not found
3167 Records have been deleted
3168 invalid. inf file
3169 the Microsoft Jet database engine cannot execute SQL statements because the statement contains invalid data type fields
3170 can not find the installable ISAM
3171 No network path or user name found
3172 can't open
3173 Unable to open the "msysaccounts" datasheet in the workgroup information file
3174 Unable to open the "msysgroups" datasheet in the workgroup information file
3175 date is out of range or invalid format
3176 cannot open file < name >
3177 is not a valid data table name
3179 end of unexpected file encountered
3180 cannot write the name > file
3181 Invalid Range
3182 Invalid file format
3183 insufficient space for temporary disk
3184 unable to execute query; Cannot find linked table
3185 SELECT into attempt to generate too many fields on the remote database
3186 cannot be saved; is currently locked by the name > machine on the name > user
3187 cannot be read; is currently locked by the name of the machine and the user
3188 cannot be updated; is currently locked by another program on this machine
3189 data table name > name > machine name > user exclusive lock
3190 There are too many fields defined
3191 cannot define fields more than once
3192 cannot find the name > output datasheet
3196 database name > has been used by other people or handlers. Please try again when the database is available
3197 trying to change the same data at the same time as another user, the Microsoft Jet database engine stops the handler
3198 the session could not be started. Too many sessions started
3199 no references found
3200 because the < name > datasheet contains related records, you cannot delete or change this record
3201 cannot add or change a record because there must be a related record in the < name > datasheet
3202 is currently locked by another user;
3203 cannot use subqueries in < expression > expressions
3204 database already exists.
3205 cross-table column headings < values > Too many
3206 fields cannot create a connection between themselves
Operation cannot be supported 3207 Paradox datasheet does not contain a primary index key
3208 invalid Deleted settings in the Xbase index key for Windows registration
3210 connection string is too long
3211 the database engine cannot lock the < name > datasheet because the table is already in use by another user or handler
3212 cannot lock < name > datasheet; current < name > user is using the table in the < name > machine
3213 invalid Date setting in the Xbase index key for Windows registration
3214 Mark settings that are not valid in the Xbase index key of Windows registration
3216 Specifies the < name > parameter where the data table name is required
3217 < name > parameter specifies the location where the database name is required
3218 cannot be updated; is currently locked
3219 Invalid operation
3220 Invalid auto-paging serial
3222 query cannot contain database parameters
3223 < parameter name > is not valid because the name is too long or contains invalid characters
3227 invalid Century settings in the Xbase index key for Windows registration
3228 the selected auto paging serial is not supported by the operating system
3230 Overdue Paradox Lock file
3231 ODBC field is too long;
3232 ODBC cannot create data tables
3234 ODBC remote Query is overdue
3235 ODBC Server does not support this data type
3238 ODBC data out of range
3239 too many users to use at the same time
Invalid reference in 3242 SELECT statement
3243 any imported field names do not match the fields of the imported datasheet
3244 cannot introduce password-protected spreadsheets
3245 cannot parse field names based on the first row of the imported data table
3246 operations not supported in a transaction
3247 ODBC link data table definition has changed
3248 invalid networkaccess settings in the Windows registry
3249 invalid PageTimeout settings in the Windows registry
3250 can not link the key
3251 operation does not support this object type
3252 cannot open a form containing a user-defined function (attempting to set or get the RecordsetClone property of a form) the underlying query
3254 ODBC cannot lock all records
3256 index File not found
Syntax error in 3257 with owneraccess OPTION declaration
The 3258 SQL statement cannot be executed because it contains ambiguous external connections. To force one of the connections to execute first, you create a query that executes the first connection, and then include the query in the SQL statement
3259 Invalid field data type
3260 cannot be updated; the name of the user on the machine name > is currently locked
3261 User name > Lock the name > data table in exclusive way on the machine name
3262 cannot lock table
3263 Invalid database objects
3264 No field definition; Table def or index cannot be added
3265 This item is not found in this collection
3266 an existing field that cannot add a field collection
3267 This property can be set only when fields in the field collection of the Recordset object are field
3,268 property cannot be set only if the object is part of a collection
3269 cannot be added, this index is already part of the index collection
3270 cannot find the property
3271 Invalid property value
3272 object is not a collection
3273 This object cannot apply this method
3274 external data tables are not expected format
3275 Unexpected error < error number generated from external database driver >
3276 Invalid database object reference
3277 cannot exceed 10 fields in an index
3278 Microsoft Jet Database engine has no initial value
3279 Microsoft Jet Database engine Set initial value
3280 cannot delete fields in the index or fields required by the system
3281 cannot delete this index or datasheet. It is used in the connection if it is not the current index
3282 does not support this operation on a data table that contains data
3283 Primary index already exists
3284 Index already exists
3285 Invalid index definition
3286 Memo Data type file format does not conform to a specific external database format
3287 cannot create an index on a specified field
3288 Paradox Index is not a primary index
Syntax error for 3289 CONSTRAINT clause
3290 syntax errors in the CREATE table statement
3291 syntax errors in the CREATE INDEX statement
3292 syntax errors in field definitions
Syntax errors in 3293 ALTER table statements
Syntax error in 3294 DROP INDEX statement
Syntax error in 3295 drop table or drop INDEX
3296 does not support connection expressions
3297 cannot enter data table or query. No records found or all records have errors
3298 a few datasheets use that name. Please specify owner in ' owner.table ' format
3299 ODBC Specification Conformance error < information >. Respond to application developers for this error
3300 cannot create a relationship
3301 cannot perform this operation; This version of the feature is not valid in the old format database
33,021 data table rules cannot be changed when they are in use
3303 This field cannot be deleted. It is part of one or more connected
3304 must enter a personal identifier (PID) consisting of four to 20 characters and numbers
3305 Invalid connection string through query
3306 has written a subquery that returns multiple fields without using the reserved word EXISTS of the FROM clause in the main query. Revise a subquery's SELECT statement to require only one field
3307 the number of columns in the selected two datasheet or union query does not match
3308 Select the invalid top parameter in the query
3309 property value is too large
3310 This property does not support databases created by external data sources or older versions of Microsoft Jet
3311 The specified property already exists
3312 validation rules and default values cannot be placed in the system or linked data table
3313 cannot place this checksum expression on this field
The 3314 < name > field cannot contain a Null value because the field's Requiredired property is set to. Please enter a value into the field
3315 Field < name > cannot be a zero-length string
3316 check text of data table level
33,171 or more values are prohibited by the validity rule < rule > of < name >. Enter an acceptable value for this field expression
The specified value in the 3318 TOP clause is not allowed in a delete query or report
3319 syntax errors in a federated query
3320 < error > in Datasheet hierarchy validation expression
3321 no database specified in the connection string or in clause
3322 Cross-table query contains one or more invalid fixed column headers
3323 query cannot be a data source
3324 This query is a DDL query and it cannot be used as a data source
3325 the ReturnsRecords property of the query is set to True without returning any records
3326 This result set is not updatable
3327 Field < name > is based on an expression and cannot be edited
3328 Table < name > read-only type
3329 table < name > records are deleted by other users
3330 Table < name > records are locked by another user
3331 To change this field, first save the record
3332 You cannot enter a value into an empty field on the outer join "one" side
3333 Table < name > records are not recorded on the "One" side
3,334 can only appear in the 1.0 version of the format
Invalid DataCodePage option in 3337 initialization
3340 < name > query corrupted
3341 the current field must match the connection keyword < name > on the "One" side of the one-to-many relationship. Enter a record on the data table on the "one" side with the value of the required connection key, and then connect it to the connection key in the "multiple" edge datasheet
Invalid Memo data type or OLE Object data type in 3342 < name > subquery
3343 Unrecognized database format < filename >
3344 the database engine does not recognize the invalid field < name >, or Datasheet < name > default value in the checksum expression
3345 not recognized or invalid field reference < name >
3346 the number and destination fields for the query value are not the same
3347 cannot increase record; table < name > primary key is not in the result set
3348 cannot increase the record; The Union key in table < name > is not in the result set
3349 Value Field Overflow
The object of the 3350 operation is invalid
The 3351 order BY expression is an expression that contains fields that are not selected by the query. The order BY expression contains only the fields requested in the first query
3352 INSERT into Statement No destination field name in statement >
3354 This subquery can return at most one record
3355 syntax error in default value
3356 you are attempting to open a database that has been opened exclusively by the name > user on the machine. Try again when the database is available
3357 This query is not an appropriate format for data definition queries
3358 cannot open workgroup information file for Microsoft Jet engine
3359 a query must contain at least one character
3360 Query is too complex
No union allowed in 3361 subqueries
3362 single row updates/deletions affect multiple rows in a linked table. Unique index contains duplicate values
3363 cannot increase the record; on the "one" side there is no corresponding record
3364 the SELECT clause of a union query is not available Memo data type or OLE Object data type name > Field
3365 cannot set this property on a remote object
3366 cannot add a relationship without a field definition
3367 cannot be attached. An object of this name already exists in the collection
3368 relationships must be in the same number of fields with the same data type
3370 cannot modify the design of the name > table. It is in a read-only database
3371 table or constraint not found
3372 There is no such index on the name table
3373 cannot create a relationship. The name of the reference table does not have a primary key
3374 The specified field is not a unique index in the name > table
3375 The name > table already has an index called name >
3376 Table < name > does not exist
3377 There is no such name and relationship on the table
3378 there is already a relationship in the current database called name >
3379 a relationship with mandatory referential integrity cannot be created. Existing data in the name table violates referential integrity rules
3380 The name > Field already exists in the name > table
3381 There is no field called name in the table
3382 name > The length of the field is too long
3383 Cannot delete field < name >. It is part of one or more relationships
3384 cannot delete built-in properties
3385 user-defined properties do not support Null values
3386 you must set the name > attribute before using this method
3388 name > validity expression or default value has unknown name > function
3389 query support is not yet available
3390 account name already exists
3393 cannot perform join, grouping, sorting, or indexing restrictions. The value you are looking for or sorting is too long
3394 unable to save property; properties for database Structure Description property
3396 cannot perform cascading operations. Because related records in the name > table will violate referential integrity rules
3397 cannot perform cascading operations. There must be a record in the name table
3398 cannot perform cascading operations. It will cause a null key in the name table
3399 cannot perform cascading operations. It will result in a duplicate keyword in the "name" table.
3400 cannot perform cascading operations. It will result in two updates of the name > field in the name > table
3401 cannot perform cascading operations. It will cause the name > field to become Null, which is not allowed
3402 cannot perform cascading operations. It will cause the name > field to become a 0-length string, which is not allowed
3403 cannot perform cascading operations; validation text
3404 cannot perform cascading operations. The rules of validity of the name > prohibit the values entered
3405 errors in the validation rule error text
3406 because of the error text, the expression you are trying to use in the default Value property is not valid. Please set this property with the correct expression
The MSysConf table for the 3407 server exists, but the format is incorrect. Please contact your system administrator
3408 too many FastFind sessions were invoked
3409 in the definition of an index or relationship, the name > is an invalid field definition
3411 Invalid entry. Because the data entered is too large for the name > field, cascading operations in the name > table cannot be performed
3412 cascading updates cannot be performed on a table because the table is currently being used by another user
3413 cannot perform cascading operation in table < name > because it is currently being used by user < name > for machine < name >
3414 cannot perform cascading operations on the table name, because it is currently in use
A 34,150-length string is valid only in text or Memo data type fields
3416 Keep Error Warning
3417 action queries cannot be used as row sources
3418 cannot open < table name >. Other users open this table with different network control files or lock styles
3419 cannot open this Paradox 4.x or 5.x table because the ParadoxNetStyle in Windows registration is set to 3.x
3420 object is invalid or no longer set
3421 Data type Conversion errors
3422 cannot modify the table structure. The other user has opened the table
3423 do not use ODBC to enter external Microsoft Jet or ISAM database tables from your database, or to export or link them to your database
3424 cannot create the database because the locale is invalid
3428 there is a problem with your database. Please correct the problem by repairing and compressing the database
3429 Incompatible Installable ISAM version
3430 OLE cannot initialize when loading Microsoft Excel installable ISAM
3431 This is not a Microsoft Excel 5.0 file
3432 An error occurred while opening Microsoft Excel 5.0 files
3433 invalid settings in Excel keys in Windows registered engines section
3434 cannot extend a named range
3435 cells that cannot be deleted from a spreadsheet
3436 failed to create file
3437 Electronic data sheets are full
3438 output data does not match the description format of the Schema.ini file
3439 you are trying to link or enter a Microsoft Word mail merge file. Although you can export this file, you cannot link or enter them
If you catch the value of err, you can investigate why it went wrong.
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