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'Keep this declaration information during forwarding. This declaration does not affect your speed!
**************** ********************
'Copyright: All rights reserved. The source code is public and can be used for all purposes free of charge. However, after modification, the modified file must be
'Send a copy to the author and retain the author's copyright information.
'*************************************** *******************************
Dim oUpFileStream
'File Upload class
Class UpFile_Class

Dim Form, File, Version, Err

Private Sub Class_Initialize
Version = "no fear of uploading class Version V1.2"
Err =-1
End Sub

Private Sub Class_Terminate
'Clear variables and objects
If Err <0 Then
Form. RemoveAll
Set Form = Nothing
File. RemoveAll
Set File = Nothing
OUpFileStream. Close
Set oUpFileStream = Nothing
End If
End Sub
Public Sub GetData (MaxSize)
'Define variables
Dim RequestBinDate, sSpace, bCrLf, sInfo, iInfoStart, iInfoEnd, tStream, iStart, oFileInfo
Dim iFileSize, sFilePath, sFileType, sFormValue, sFileName
Dim iFindStart, iFindEnd
Dim iFormStart, iFormEnd, sFormName
'Code starts
If Request. TotalBytes <1 then', If no data is uploaded
Err = 1
Exit Sub
End If
If MaxSize> 0 then', If the size is limited
If Request. TotalBytes> MaxSize Then
Err = 2' if the uploaded data exceeds the limit
Exit Sub
End If
End If
Set Form = Server. CreateObject ("Scripting. Dictionary ")
Form. CompareMode = 1
Set File = Server. CreateObject ("Scripting. Dictionary ")
File. CompareMode = 1
Set tStream = Server. CreateObject ("Ado" & "db. Str" & "eam ")
Set oUpFileStream = Server. CreateObject ("Ado" & "db. Str" & "eam ")
OUpFileStream. Type = 1
OUpFileStream. Mode = 3
OUpFileStream. Open
OUpFileStream. Write Request. BinaryRead (Request. TotalBytes)
OUpFileStream. Position = 0
RequestBinDate = oUpFileStream. Read
IFormEnd = oUpFileStream. Size
BCrLf = ChrB (13) & ChrB (10)
'Get the delimiter between each project
SSpace = MidB (RequestBinDate, 1, Region B (1, RequestBinDate, bCrLf)-1)
IStart = LenB (sSpace)
IFormStart = iStart + 2
'Project breakdown
IInfoEnd = InStrB (iFormStart, RequestBinDate, bCrLf & bCrLf) + 3
TStream. Type = 1
TStream. Mode = 3
TStream. Open
OUpFileStream. Position = iFormStart
OUpFileStream. CopyTo tStream, iInfoEnd-iFormStart
TStream. Position = 0
TStream. Type = 2
TStream. CharSet = "gb2312"
SInfo = tStream. ReadText
'Get the form project name
IFormStart = required B (iInfoEnd, RequestBinDate, sSpace)-1
IFindStart = InStr (22, sInfo, "name =", 1) + 6
IFindEnd = InStr (iFindStart, sInfo, ", 1)
SFormName = Mid (sinfo, iFindStart, iFindEnd-iFindStart)
'If it is a file
If InStr (45, sInfo, "filename =", 1)> 0 Then
Set oFileInfo = new FileInfo_Class
'Get file attributes
IFindStart = InStr (iFindEnd, sInfo, "filename =", 1) + 10
IFindEnd = InStr (iFindStart, sInfo, ", 1)
SFileName = Mid (sinfo, iFindStart, iFindEnd-iFindStart)
OFileInfo. FileName = Mid (sFileName, limit Rev (sFileName, "\") + 1)
OFileInfo. FilePath = Left (sFileName, limit Rev (sFileName ,"\"))
OFileInfo. FileExt = Mid (sFileName, limit Rev (sFileName, ".") + 1)
IFindStart = InStr (iFindEnd, sInfo, "Content-Type:", 1) + 14
IFindEnd = InStr (iFindStart, sInfo, vbCr)
OFileInfo. FileType = Mid (sinfo, iFindStart, iFindEnd-iFindStart)
OFileInfo. FileStart = iInfoEnd
OFileInfo. FileSize = iFormStart-iInfoEnd-2
OFileInfo. FormName = sFormName
File. add sFormName, oFileInfo
'For a form project
TStream. Close
TStream. Type = 1
TStream. Mode = 3
TStream. Open
OUpFileStream. Position = iInfoEnd
OUpFileStream. CopyTo tStream, iFormStart-iInfoEnd-2
TStream. Position = 0
TStream. Type = 2
TStream. CharSet = "gb2312"
SFormValue = tStream. ReadText
If Form. Exists (sFormName) Then
Form (sFormName) = Form (sFormName) & "," & sFormValue
Form. Add sFormName, sFormValue
End If
End If
TStream. Close
IFormStart = iFormStart + iStart + 2
'Exit if the end of the file is reached.
Loop Until (iFormStart + 2)> = iFormEnd
RequestBinDate = ""
Set tStream = Nothing
End Sub
End Class

'Timeout '----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
'File attribute class
Class FileInfo_Class
Dim FormName, FileName, FilePath, FileSize, FileType, FileStart, FileExt
'File saving method
Public Function SaveToFile (Path)
On Error Resume Next
Dim oFileStream
Set oFileStream = CreateObject ("Ado" & "db. Str" & "eam ")
OFileStream. Type = 1
OFileStream. Mode = 3
OFileStream. Open
OUpFileStream. Position = FileStart
OUpFileStream. CopyTo oFileStream, FileSize
OFileStream. SaveToFile Path, 2
OFileStream. Close
Set oFileStream = Nothing
End Function
'Get file data
Public Function FileData
OUpFileStream. Position = FileStart
FileData = oUpFileStream. Read (FileSize)
End Function

End Class

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