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This article illustrates the many possibilities of sending emails in, covering such aspects as email format, priority, attachment and email encoding.

Asp. NET is given a new object to send email, named SmtpMail. When you use the SmtpMail object to send e-mail from a page, you can follow these simple steps:

▲ contains the namespaces required for the class of the message;

▲ example an information object, set the attribute;

▲ send a message using the Send method of the SmtpMail object instance.

Now we're going to take a step-by-step look at the process of sending emails from a page. We use VB to illustrate this example, the final will include VB and C # complete code.

First step: Include namespaces

Introduce the System.Web.Util namespace in the page, which includes all the objects necessary to send an email. These objects are:

MailEncoding enum:代表Base64 或Uuencode的任何编码。取值范围:Base64、UUencode
MailPriority enum:用来为信息设置优先权。值为:高、低、一般。
<% @Import Namespace = "System.Web.Util" %>

Step Two: Example MailMessage object

Use the following statement to sample the MailMessage object:

Dim Mailobj as New MailMessage

Prepares the message with the properties of the MailMessage object. The MailMessage object has the following properties:

BodyFormat:信息的格式:Html 或text
Attachments:附加到email 的MailAttachment对象列表,主要就是对这个对象集合的一个引用

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