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Finally, we introduce the code to create a file selection list, where you use the built-in FileSystem object to get information about files and folders.
For simplicity, the routine assumes that the spreadsheet file and the ASP file are in the same directory. Get the current directory name by Vserverfolder= Server.MapPath (".") and convert it to a folder object to find the files in the directory.
The. GetFolder method for filesystem objects is used as follows:
Set oFs = Server.CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set ofolder = Ofs.getfolder (Vserverfolder)
By enumerating the. Files Collection of the Folder object, you can get the files under the folders and limit the file types displayed to Excel. Execute the following html/asp code to create a file selection list:
< select Name= "Xlbook" >
Voptions = ""
For each ofile in Ofolder.files
If ofile.type = "Microsoft Excel Worksheet" Then
Voptions = voptions & "< option >" & _
Server.HTMLEncode ( & "</option >
End If
Response.Write Voptions
% >
</select >
Again, the actual readx1.asp code is more complicated because there are JavaScript scripts to retrieve the last selection.
This article describes how to read an Excel workbook through ADO, and how to use the filesystem of the built-in object. In addition to being widely used in the database field, ADO can handle many different formats of data in a way that is like processing a database. This is just a little bit of the basic functionality of ADO, and there are more and more powerful aspects that need to be developed.

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