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Submitting a form

Use the ASP to minimize server-side workloads, so you should use JavaScript more, and submit all submitted fields to the server using JavaScript or VBScript, so that the server does not have to be tested again. And at the time of submission, someone might modify the script to submit it locally, so there is a security issue, so it should be required to commit from a server-broken path, and no other address submission is invalid:

Server_v1=cstr (Request.ServerVariables ("Http_referer"))
Server_v2=cstr (Request.ServerVariables ("SERVER_NAME"))
If Mid (Server_v1,8,len (SERVER_V2)) <>server_v2 Then
Response.Write "<br><br><center><table border=1 cellpadding=20 bordercolor=black bgcolor=# Eeeeee width=450> "
Response.Write "<tr><td style= ' font:9pt Verdana ' >"
Response.Write "You submitted the wrong path, prohibit the submission of data from outside the site please do not mess with this parameter!" "
Response.Write "</td></tr></table></center>"
End If

For example, the above code is named Check_path.asp save, and each time a form submission is encountered, a reference is done:

<!--#include file= "check_path.asp"-->

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