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'*************************************** **********************
'The code of all ASP pages on this site can be displayed when FSO is supported.
'The code on this page is displayed directly on the results page during code demonstration without having to create a special page for the code.
'Usage: ViewSource. asp? File = name of the file to be displayed
'Example: ViewSource. asp? File = x. asp
'Modify By: Babyt
'*************************************** **********************
<B Style = "font-size: 12px; font-family: Courier New"> HTML/ASP Source Code: </B>
<Hr size = 1>
Dim objFSO, objInFile
Dim strIn, strTemp
Dim I, J
Dim strFileName
Dim ProcessString
Dim bCharWritten
Dim bInsideScript
Dim bInsideString
Dim iInsideComment
ProcessString = 0
BCharWritten = False
BInsideScript = False
BInsideString = False
IInsideComment = 0
Linecount = 1
StrFileName = Request. QueryString ("file ")
'To protect your other pages, you can only access files in the current directory.
'You can add more rules as needed
If InStr (1, strFileName, "", 1) Then strFileName = ""
If InStr (1, strFileName, "/", 1) Then strFileName = ""
If strFileName <> "" Then
Set objFSO = CreateObject ("Scripting. FileSystemObject ")
'Determine whether the file exists
If objFSO. FileExists (Server. MapPath (strFileName) = False Then
Response. Write "The file does not exist"
Response. End
End If
'Open the file
Set objInFile = objFSO. OpenTextFile (Server. MapPath (strFileName ))
Response. Write "<PRE Style = 'font-size: 12px; font-family: Courier new'>" & vbCRLF
'Read text streams by line
Do While Not objInFile. AtEndOfStream
StrIn = Server. HTMLEncode (objInFile. ReadLine)
StrTemp = ""
'Judge start <%
'The entire script is highlighted, and n is Blue by default.
For I = 1 to Len (strIn)
BCharWritten = False
If InStr (I, strIn, "& lt; %", 1) = I Then
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