Asp. Net 5 Web Hook and asp. netwebhook

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Asp. Net 5 Web Hook and asp. netwebhook



First, let's take a look at what WebHooks is. WebHooks is a protocol. They are HTTP callback technologies. And they are "user-defined HTTP callbacks ". You and/or your application will send a notification when something happens, and your URL endpoint will receive an HTTP email when that happens.

-- Introduction to Scott Hanselman's blog ASP. NET WebHooks Receivers-WebHooks makes it easy

The same is the notification mechanism. What is the difference between WebHook and SingalR:


SignalR is for notification within an ASP.NET app using WebSockets. You can exchange event notifications through WebSockets, however it requires a constant network connection.

WebHooks are for event notification across other web applications and other external services. (Think B2B communication). For instance, you can receive a WebHook when someone sends you money to your PayPal account. PayPal fires off a POST request to your predefined URL handler and then your app does something with that notification. You pre-configure everything on the PayPal side first. You also set up an application to handle the incoming POST request. The event notification is "pushed" to you in (near) real-time. No need to hold open a network connection while waiting for events.

The two can be complementary. For example, when you receive the WebHook from PayPal, you can notify a logged in user on your webapp (using SignalR/WebSockets) that money has been received successfully.

TLDR: Event notification across different web applications

-- from Difference between ASP.NET WebHooks and Signal-R

People who have developed public accounts should be familiar with the WebHook mode. We need to set a callback address for the public account. When a user sends a message to the public account, the server indicated by this callback address recycles the message from. Is this an example of WebHook?

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