ASP. NET data output to an Excel table

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1. Define document type and character encoding
Response. Clear ();
Response. Buffer = true;
Response. charset = "UTF-8 ";
// The following line is very important. The attachment parameter indicates downloading as an attachment. You can change it to online.
// Filename=fileflow.xls specifies the name of the output file. Note that the extension is consistent with the specified file type. It can be. Doc. xls. txt. htm.
Response. appendheader ("content-disposition", "attachment?filename=fileflow.xls ");
Response. contentencoding = system. Text. encoding. getencoding ("UTF-8 ");
// Response. contenttype the specified file type can be application/MS-Excel application/MS-Word application/MS-TXT application/MS-HTML or other browsers can directly support documents
Response. contenttype = "application/MS-excel ";
This. enableviewstate = false;
2. Define an input stream
System. Io. stringwriter ostringwriter = new system. Io. stringwriter ();
System. Web. UI. htmltextwriter ohtmltextwriter = new system. Web. UI. htmltextwriter (ostringwriter );
3. Bind the target data to the input stream output
This. rendercontrol (ohtmltextwriter );
// This indicates that the current page is output. You can also bind the DataGrid or other controls that support the obj. rendercontrol () attribute.
Response. Write (ostringwriter. tostring ());
Response. End ();
4. if an error message "registerforeventvalidation can be called only during render () Execution" occurs.
There are two solutions:
1. modify web. config (not recommended) <pages enableeventvalidation = "false"> </pages>
2. Modify it directly on the export execl page
Summary: this routine is successfully tested on the Microsoft Visual Studio. NET 2003 platform. It is applicable to C # and VB. When VB is used, this keyword is changed to me.
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