ASP. NET MVC 5 crud Code Auto-generation saffolding feature extension

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ASP. NET MVC 5 crud Code Auto-generation tool-visual studio.net2013 saffolding feature extension

Last time I did anASP. WebForm Scaffolding combined Generic Unit of Work & (extensible) repositories Framework Code Generation Wizard

is to survive Web form.

This time I saw the code that generated the MVC saffolding extension original author on-line Https://

I have integrated the Generic Unit of work & (extensible) repositories Frameworkon his basis and added paging and querying capabilities.

Development environment

Generic Unit of Work & (extensible) repositories Framework HTTP//

Happy.Scaffolding.MVC5.vsix (source code (Https:// If you feel good please Like:)


Unity Bootstrapper for ASP.

Demo program Http://

Project structure

New Entities and DbContext

Category,product the entity objects that you define yourself

Categorymetadata and Productmetadata are generated through wizards primarily for validation and display

Create a new controller

To create a property of the metadata class

The tool will automatically generate the following files














See demo program for specific code

Registration Services

Modify UnityConfig.cs

Register the required repository and service in

Run debugging

Query page

Edit Page

Remove Features

New page, if there is a foreign key association will automatically generate select Select

Subsequent improvements

New changes by popup, single page using AJAX form submission to do local refresh

Added one-to-many modifications and new pages

Use more AJAX features

ASP. NET MVC 5 crud Code Auto-generation saffolding feature extension

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