ASP. net2.0 tutorial (preface)

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Microsoft has made things too fast, starting from five years ago. net1.1 updated. with net2.0 technology, we can imagine that the Strategic Plan of the ratio of old to old is to win at a speed. in. in the net1.1 era, we should have deeply experienced some new controls and functions. in the net2.0. with the extension of net1.1ProgramStaff should pay more attention to the implementation of business logic, rather than the implementation of front-end controls.
Due to the situation, I bought the <asp. net2.0 Development Guide> (for example, bloodbleed ...), ASP. new Features of net2.0 and many development skills are provided. the book was published by ASP. net father of praise. I have been reading this book for some time outside of work recently. In the future, I will address ASP. net2.0 provides a series of tutorials, but vs is not installed. net2005's friends only have to read the copy and cannot experience the features of its new functions. another point is to emphasize that I am also in a new learning stage. Please forgive me for any inaccuracy in writing. thank you. next, let's move on to the whole and start learning in Chapter 1. (I may not write a chapter every day, but I can guarantee that there are two chapters in a week.ArticleFor more support and questions, please visit !)
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