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The era of using stand-alone applications on PCs is approaching soon. Most applications are now developing online or mostly need to share a wide range of data resources on the network. Although we have written client/server-based applications for a long time, most of these programs only run within a small LAN. However, there are many objective reasons for us to modify these programs so that they can run on an enterprise's intranet or even the Internet.
Why is it forcing us to do it? First, as the scale of an Enterprise expands, the company may operate across regions or even countries, and the number of employees in each branch will increase year by year, these employees in other fields must frequently access the database resources of the head office. Second, centralized application data resources allow you to better monitor database access and usage. Third, you can get global application settings from a centralized location, so as to maintain and update them, and ultimately reduce application updates. Fourth, try to access the database from the Web server instead of accessing the database from the client. This avoids the transmission of login information and customer passwords over the network, thus avoiding security risks, use a browser to retrieve data from the background to avoid refreshing the entire page.
This requires us to create an application running on the internet. If we want to create a vbprogram running on the HTTP protocol, the key is to use XML and XMLHTTPRequest objects. This object is Microsoft XML analyzer (msxml. dll). The XMLHTTPRequest object allows you to send GET and POST requests to the remote server over HTTP. Programs running on the remote server receive this request and translate its content, return data or an error page to the application that calls it. Some friends who have some research on network programming will see that my idea is very similar to SOAP, but here I don't want to use SOAP, because that would make the program very complicated.
It is unrealistic to change a completely independent single-host client version, but even so, downloading application settings from a centralized server is also more independent and flexible than using local INI files or Windows registration labels. For example, if you have a mobile phone sales team, they need to access centralized information to sell mobile phones more effectively. Every day, the company collects data in a centralized manner, then, send the email to the sales staff. However, the pressure on the market and the rapidly changing form of sales are bound to allow sales staff to access the latest data. However, the network administrator insisted that sales staff on remote clients should not access the head office database server because they do not want to send usernames and logon passwords over a public network. Therefore, it is necessary to use a new technology to replace the client/server-based technology. Don't worry. After reading this article, you will solve this problem.
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