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Use ASP, VB, and XML to create applications running on the Internet (2)
In the actual programming process, you should use some methods to make the application more efficient. You can move the ASP code to a COM application and create an XSLT transform to display the returned data. Okay, I'm not talking about it anymore. Now all you have to do is give it a try!
Option Explicit
Private RCommands As Recordset
Private RCustomers As Recordset
Private RCust As Recordset
Private sCustListCommand As String
Private Const dataURL = "http: // localhost/XHTTPRequest/getData. asp"
Private arrCustomerIDs () As String
Private Enum ActionEnum
End Enum
Private Sub dgCustomers_Click ()
Dim CustomerID As String
CustomerID = RCustomers ("CustomerID"). Value
If CustomerID <> "" Then
If optAction (VIEW_HISTORY). Value Then
Call getCustomerDetail (CustomerID)
Call getRecentProduct (CustomerID)
End If
End If
End Sub
Private Sub Form_Load ()
Call initialize
Call getCustomerList
End Sub
Sub initialize ()
'Command name and corresponding value returned from the database
Dim sXML As String
Dim vRet As Variant
Dim F As Field
SXML = "<? Xml version = "" 1.0 ""?> "
SXML = sXML & "<command> <commandtext> Initialize </commandtext>"
SXML = sXML & "<returnsdata> True </returnsdata>"
SXML = sXML & "</command>"
Set RCommands = getRecordset (sXML)
Do While Not RCommands. EOF
For Each F In RCommands. Fields
Debug. Print F. Name & "=" & F. Value
RCommands. MoveNext
End Sub
Function getCommandXML (command_name As String) As String
RCommands. MoveFirst
RCommands. Find "command_name = '" & command_name & "'", adSearchForward, 1
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