ASP running particularly slow IIS6 a solution to the phenomenon of suspended animation _ Application techniques

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Some time ago was windows2003server IIS6.0 suspended animation problem almost killed, pondering the n a night after the grinding out the way, the following things hope to have the same problem friends some help:

When you are using IIS6. If you installed the Dynamic Network Forum. There must have been a IIS6 suspended animation is like. Is that the ASP page opens slowly. But IIS is normal. Static Web page opening speed is the same. At this time. I've always been the way to reboot. Checked the official data. According to official sources,. Win2003 will soon hit this patch. It's IIS6 for access-driven support. It's a bug. Because I have more server virtual host. And most of them support ASP. If you can't run when you're suspended from death. In a variety of data search under ... Found a relatively simple way. The specific I test is passed. IIS6 with Data application pool. Use him now to solve suspended animation.
First, the BBS set up a separate directory. Then click the application pool. Create a new application pool. Enter the application pool ID.
And then put the virtual directory of BBS below. Just use the program pool. Select the new application pool you just created ...
And then go back to the application pool you just set up ... Click.. Property... The number of recycle worker processes (minutes) and the number of recycle worker processes are also checked on the following time recycle process. Then add to the left of the following time recycle pool. Select a time ... Generally speaking.. Website to 3 o'clock in the morning. The basic people are very few. Then recycle the number of BBS process. Can solve the existing image of IIS suspended animation.
Of course, you can also configure additional information ... For example, the user name of IIS6. We can turn on the computer Management of the meter. Then turn on computer user management. Add a user ... After setting up ... Inside the application pool. Identity.. Put the added users up. Test the recycle process with the user ... And, of course, there are. Other configuration ... Actually, it's very simple. As long as you have a good look. I can understand the meaning ...

For me,. This method may not be very convenient. So I use a tool to recycle the application pool. This is convenient and quick. Of course, individual users do not need this tool. I work for the company. Server pressure is very large. So all the tools are used to solve some problems. The backup of IIS is included. And the IP record of the IP of the virtual host and the port access. Batch processing is a simple and convenient method. So. To make a server safe. It's not that easy. Specifically, IIS. It's a good habit to go to the official website to search for information regularly. There is also the regular access log. And registry users also have the program to load the run. And the service is also a good way. So, to learn how to deal with problems!!!!
Windows System official website Knowledge Database:; ZH-CN; kbHowTo
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