ASP tool that checks whether a personal homepage site supports components

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A very useful ASP code-checks whether the personal homepage provides site support components
There are many personal homepages that support ASP services to provide websites.
How can I know whether the site supports installation of some useful components, such as sending emails?
Jmail, cdo, or checks whether RDS is supported, and whether Index Server is supported.
What you do is to upload the following detection file to your personal homepage and then run
It's okay, huh, huh, very simple, without any additional components.
Detection tool:
The CheckObj. asp code is as follows:
<% @ Language = "VBScript" %>
<% Option Explicit %>
'This is some of the components that come with IIS4 (default)
Dim theInstalledObjects (8)
TheInstalledObjects (0) = "MSWC. AdRotator"
TheInstalledObjects (1) = "MSWC. BrowserType"
TheInstalledObjects (2) = "MSWC. NextLink"
TheInstalledObjects (3) = "MSWC. Tools"
TheInstalledObjects (4) = "MSWC. Status"
TheInstalledObjects (5) = "MSWC. Counters"
TheInstalledObjects (6) = "IISSample. ContentRotator"
TheInstalledObjects (7) = "IISSample. PageCounter"
TheInstalledObjects (8) = "MSWC. PermissionChecker"
Function IsObjInstalled (strClassString)
On Error Resume Next
IsObjInstalled = False
Err = 0
Dim xTestObj
Set xTestObj = Server. CreateObject (strClassString)
If 0 = Err Then IsObjInstalled = True
Set xTestObj = Nothing
Err = 0
End Function
<TITLE> tool used to check whether ISP supports ASP components </TITLE>
Enter the ProgId or ClassId of the component you want to detect in the input box below.
If you do not enter the value, the default value is used.
<FORM action = <% = Request. ServerVariables ("SCRIPT_NAME") %> method = post>
<Input type = text value = "" name = "classname" size = 40>
<INPUT type = submit value = Submit>
<INPUT type = reset value = Reset>
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