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Introduction to ASP.

ASP. NET Core is a new open-source, cross-platform framework that can be used to build modern, web-based cloud applications, such as the Internet of Things, IoT applications, and mobile backend. The ASP. NET core can be run on either the, or the complete. NET Framework, and its architecture provides an optimal development framework for applications that are published to the cloud or run on-premises, consisting of a small, modular component that preserves your flexibility in structuring the solution. You can develop and run your ASP. NET Core applications across platforms on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices

ASP. NET Core History

The first ASP. NET Preview was released in 2000 as part of the. NET Framework. For 15 years, NET finally ushered in its first cross-platform version of the ASP in 2016. One statement: ASP. NET Core is not a continuation of ASP. NET 4.6. This is a completely new framework that overrides the existing ASP. NET 4.6 framework, but is much smaller and more modular, with a substantial change from the previous version. Specific changes will be described in detail in the rear

ASP. NET Core Features


Can be run on Windows,macos,linux

A flexible deployment mechanism

1.Portable Applications (Portable application)

This deployment mechanism is similar to the traditional. NET Framework, as long as there is a. NET Core runtime on the target platform.

2.self-contained Application (self-hosted application)

As the name implies, this deployment mechanism packages the application and runtime together, even if the. NET Core Runtime is not installed on the target platform.

The second approach is not the same as. NET native, still using CORECLR, while. NET native uses Corert as the runtime, see Dotnet/corert for more information.

Command-line tools

. NET program all run scripts can be executed with command-line tools (Cmd,bash) Here are a few common donnet commands

Cloud optimization

You can deploy and debug your app on the cloud on the cloud


Additional modules can be added to your application as needed

Benefits of ASP. NET Core

ASP. NET core has the following advantages:

There are many changes to the ASP. NET core, which makes it a more flexible and modular framework than the previous version. ASP. NET core is no longer based on System.Web.dll, it is based on a set of packages that are decomposed in nuget. This allows you to optimize your application by judging whether or not to reference the appropriate NuGet package, depending on your actual needs. Benefits of smaller surface area applications include greater security, less maintenance, improved performance, lower costs

Using the ASP. NET Core Development program, you can get the following improvements:

Build and run cross-platform ASP. NET core applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux. . NET Core-based apps that support true application versioning. New development tools make it easier to develop. Build Web UI and Web APIs in a unified scenario. A cloud computing environment-based configuration system. Built-in support for dependency injection. The label helper makes razor tags and HTML tags more natural. Can be deployed in IIS, and can be deployed in a custom hosting environment. Integrated modern client Development framework and workflow new, lightweight, modular HTTP request pipeline a new set of tools that simplify modern web development open source and community focus on devices such as Windows, Macs, and Linux to develop and run ASP. NET Application Environment installation of ASP.

1. Download Address:

. NET Core 2.0 Preview 1:


. NET Core 1.0 and 1.1:



1.1, 2.0 requires vs 2017

1.2, I do the cases are implemented in 1.0, there will be 2.0 new features of the introduction

2. Click Install directly after download

3.cmd View version (there is no sense of installing JDK)

4, look at the changes on the vs2015

Note: First make sure that Visual Studio Update3 is installed on your PC, and of course we can also install Visual Studio Community 2015 to replace the paid version of Visual Studio 2015.

5. After configuring the location of the project file, click OK, select Template, authentication method as shown:

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